You are at TDP MPs To Meet PM Modi On SCS Friday Afternoon

TDP MPs To Meet PM Modi On SCS Friday Afternoon

Telugu Desam Party MPs have been given an appointment by the Prime Minister's Office to meet Narendra Modi at 12.30 pm on Friday. The TDP MPs who have sought the appointment are getting ready with facts and figures to convince the Prime Minister to concede the demand of the promised Special Category Status. They have been told to meet him in his chambers in parliament.

The TDP MPs are expected to convey the people's sentiments in this regard. If the demand is not conceded immediately, they are expected to convey to the Prime Minister about the consequences. Would the appointment clash with the Private Member Bill of KVP Ramachandra Rao when it comes up in the Rajya Sabha? Although the KVP Bill is expected to come on the alternative Friday, the BJP is still stalling the Bill and it is not expected to come up tomorrow, it is learnt. The KVP Bill will come up only if the Congress makes a strong and sincere bid for it.

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