You are at CBI chief Ranjit Sinha taken off 2G

CBI chief Ranjit Sinha taken off 2G

SC slams CBI chief, Removes from 2G case

Supreme court had slammed CBI chief on his controversial interactions with multiple accused persons unofficially and asked him to move out of 2G investigation. SC direction 12 days before his retirement given a huge setback to agency.

AAP leader Prashanth Bhushan disclosure of 2 Janpath diary maintained at CBI director's Ranjit Sinha's house had shocked SC. The dairy which disclosed all the meeting of Ranjith Sinha with multiple accused caused an outrage in political circles. Many condemned Ranjith behavior and asked him to clarify. Ranjith maintained silence in all the times claiming the dairy as false. BJP which opposed his appointment in December 2012 had maintained its stand in all the times. Party always attacked Ranjith for his biased actions. Ranjith set to complete his 2 years tenure on December 2nd this year shocked with SC directions.

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