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Rahul on Modi: PM is playing drums while there is no electricity in India

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took a sharp jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he was playing drums in Japan when there was no electricity in the country.

"PM is playing drums in Japan and there is no electricity and vegetable prices are rising here," said Rahul in Amethi.

"New government has not fulfilled its promises. There have been only big speeches and tall promises. No result has been seen on the ground but only corruption, electricity and high prices," he added.

"Government promises were on electricity but prices of vegetables are rising and there has been no action on corruption. 100 days are over, where is the result?", he asked.

Rahul said the government has forgotten all promises and that no result can be seen but only corruption, electricity and high prices.

Responding to the questions over infighting in the Congress party Rahul said,"Congress is an old organisation which has done huge service to the country. Since there are multiple voices in the party, there are always these kinds of tensions, we will deal with it."

The locals during Rahul's Amethi trip also questioned him over the lack of development in the constituency. They complained about the lack of electricity and water supply in the district.

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