You are at Air Hostess Held For Role In Red Wood Smuggling

Air Hostess Held For Role In Red Wood Smuggling

The Chittoor police who were taken by surprise, when a West Bengal court granted bail to an air hostess-turned-red sanders smuggler, have intensified measures to bring her to Chittoor for further questioning. Recently, the Chittoor police armed with appropriate information about Sangeeta Chatterjee, raided her house in Kolkata and seized six bank accounts and two bank lockers. She was arrested with the help of a transit warrant and produced in court, which to the surprise of police immediately granted her bail.

The police were surprised at lawyers gathering their barely in an hour of her arrest and putting hectic efforts to get her bail from the court. The police arrested her for international smuggling deals with dons of various countries. Sangeeta married red sanders smuggler Lakshman five years ago. Lakshman was arrested in June 2014 by the police and later succeeded in nabbing his right hand man Vikram Mehdi. However, the smuggling of red sanders remained unabated in spite of the arrests.

Through Vikram Mehdi the police succeeded in gathering information about Sangeeta, who conducted Rs 10 crore business in the absence of Lakshman through hawala route. For outsiders she is an air hostess, but on the sly she strikes deals with international dons for selling red sanders. Arrest of Garagattam artiste Mohanambal of Vellore a year ago threw light on how she used to arrange workers to cut red sanders trees. Her sister Nirmala as well as her brother Saravanan were involved in red sanders smuggling.

The police grew suspicious about how an ordinary artiste Mohanambal could lead such a luxurious life and investigated the case and exposed her role in red sanders smuggling. She was sent to Vellore jail as remand prisoner. It may be recalled how a budding Tollywood actress Neetu Agarwal married red sanders smuggler Mastan Wali and conducted illegal business subsequently leading to her arrest. Further, it was established the hand of a lady behind the activities of notorious red sanders smuggler Kollam Gangi Reddy who took shelter on a foreign soil to evade arrest.

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