You are at CM: No E-Coli Bacteria in Krishna River!!

CM: No E-Coli Bacteria in Krishna River!!

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has done Pinda Pradanam for his parents, ancestors, father-in-law NTR & mother-in-law Basavatharakam on the second day of Krishna Pushkarams. He choose his official residence in Undavalli as the venue for it.

Later, Naidu held a Tele Conference with Officials foreseeing the arrangements of Krishna Pushkarams. He ordered the Authorities to remain alert all the time and maintain strict discipline.

Chandrababu issued instructions to Home Guards to help physically challenged and aged people who have come to the ghats. He asked the swimmers to make sure none of them taking the holy dip goes missing.

Water-level indicators were used at all the ghats as a preventive measure. He cautioned about the increase in the count of people visiting ghats during the Weekends. He also appealed Media to behave in a responsible manner and warned legal action against yellow media. He told that there is no harmful E-Coli Bacteria in Krishna river as speculated by a section of media.

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