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NSG 'We 'Regret' India's Failure In Seoul, But Won't Give-Up': U.S.

Expressing disappointment over India's failure to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the United States on Wednesday 'regretted' that its government was unsuccessful in making it a member of the grouping at its pleanary in Seoul last week.

"We regret that in Seoul, we and India were unable to open the space necessary to allow India to the NSG at this moment.... but we are not giving it up," U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Tom Shannon said.

In a veiled reference to China, who opposed India's NSG bid, Shannon said one country can break consensus in a consensus-based organisation, while asserting that such a member should be held accountable. "We understand that in a consensus-based organisation, one country can break consensus. But in order to do so it must be accountable, not isolated," he said.

Shannon further described India as a responsible and important player in the sphere of nuclear non-proliferation. "India's recent entry into the MTCR from our point of view highlights that India is an important and responsible player in the world of non proliferation and so we want to have a strengthened position," he added.

He also said U.S. believes that India through its work in the Civil Nuclear Agreement is worthy of a place in NSG. "We are committed to having India join the Nuclear Suppliers Group. We believe that through the kind of work we have done, the civil nuclear agreement, the way India conducted itself, it is worthy of this," he added.

He also said United States and India need to sit down and take a close look at what happened at Seoul. "Take a close look at the diplomatic approaches which were significant and see what more we can do," he added.

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