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Talasani Fires againest Media in Pressmeet


Couple of days ago, a young man named Abhinav Mahender alleged in a press meet that TRS minister of state for Cinematography and Commercial Taxes Talasani Srinivas Yadav's son Sai Kiran manhandled him and whisked away his wife and international tennis star Kalva Bhuvana. A case was filed at the Maredpally Police Station on Talasani's son and there was a huge hue and cry against the minister since then.

To clarify all the allegations, Talasani arranged a press meet along with Bhuvana's family, which was a total eye-opener to his detractors. The press meet revealed the shocking and torturous nature of Abhinav Mahender. The minister played on loudspeaker the telephonic conversations of Abhinav and Bhivana's father which revealed startling facts. Bhuvana alleged that Abhinav tortured her ever since their marriage in May this year. Bhuvana alleged that Abhinav used to lock her up in their house from the time he goes to work and until he came back.

Bhuvana's father revealed that Abhinav beat him up badly in front of his family and even demanded him to register 3 crore worth property on his name, which was clearly recorded in their telephonic conversation. Speaking on the occasion, Talasani appealed to the media to be more responsible while dealing such sensitive news. Talasani further requested media to only publish facts after gathering proofs and that his and his son's image have been damaged with irresponsible reporting. Bhuvana filed a harassment complaint on Abhinav and the cops are investigating the case.

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