You are at Anchor charges 1 lakh per Night!

Anchor charges 1 lakh per Night!

Yes it’s True ! However, don’t think that this rate is of some heroine, if u think so then u have absolutely mistaken ,and also dont even think as if she is charging it for a Movie event or a Tv show. 

Finally coming to the matter,the anchor who is famous for tv shows which contains non veg jokes is waiting for the cinema chances and trying to act a lead role And in that process it seems that she is going in a side track.

According to the information,she started selling her body along with her fame to the industrialists,film makers,celebrities,corporate people and she charges 50 thousand for 2-3 hours and if its the whole night then the cost would be 1 lakh. She is having a good beauty,good fame ,lakhs of fans ,good work and opportunities in hand but why she is doing such illegal business ??this are words most of the people talking about and we have to think why such famous heroines and anchors are choosing those wrong way’s.

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