You are at Pawan tweets on Roads,Projects and Leaders!

Pawan tweets on Roads,Projects and Leaders!


Power star Pawan Kalyan launched political party 'Jana Sena' exactly a year ago, on March 14th 2014. Pawan Kalyan has scared all the political parties in the state by launching his Jana Sena party just before the general elections.

He brought revolution with his speech and he changed the dimensions of politics in Telugu states. Today is the anniversary day and fans in both the Telugu speaking states are celebrating this day.

Pawan came up with series of tweets today and he remembered the words of a poor farmer who lost his land for the Ring Road.

He tweeted, "We have seen constructing roads for villages but never seen removing villages just for sake of roads" and

"No leader or government has commitment to complete the projects they started. From heerakud to polavaram, it is only people who suffered. Developement should be for welfare of people., not to leave them in fear".

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