You are at Japan Minister resigned over make-up scandal

Japan Minister resigned over make-up scandal

Woman Minister resigned over make-up scandal

Japan's industry minister Yuko Obuchi resigned Monday over claims she spent political donations on make-up and other items unconnected to politics.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday accepted Obuchi's resignation

Obuchi was a star minister when Abe reshuffled his cabinet in September, becoming the country's first woman in charge of economy, trade and industry.Many even thought that she will become first woman Prime Minsiter for Japan.

But she is now facing claims that, over the five years to 2012, her political funding body spent more than 10 million yen ($95,000) on things unconnected to politics, including cosmetics and accessories at a department store.

Obuchi said she would hold a news conference soon. She was the first minister to resign since Abe took power in December 2012 and the issue created unnecessary problems to PM Abe.

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