You are at Obama Cool and Inspirational Speech At Siri Fort!

Obama Cool and Inspirational Speech At Siri Fort!

American President Obama gave a cool an dinspirational yet thought provoking speech at siri Fort Delhi, this morning. He targeted youth  and women of india.

Here are highlights of his speech.He greets the audience with 'Namaste'.

"Thank you for welcoming me and Michelle back to India. 'Bahut dhanyawad'. India and the US can have defining partnerships.

Here in India, you have lifted millions out of poverty.  I believe India can be America's best partner.The world will be better if we stand together.

India has lifted more people out of poverty than any other country.

A world, without the use of nuclear weapons, that should be our goal.

We appreciate India's efforts in generating more clean energy.You should not have to bear the burden of climate change alone.

It is urgent we begin this work right now.We know from experience what makes nations strong.India is defined by countless dialects, languages and customs.

Mututal progress depends on something basic in nature, that is, in how we see each other, says Obama.We live in a world of terrible inequalities, but there are countries where even a tea-seller can be the Prime Minister.

Everybody should have a chance. Everybody should dream big and reach those dreams.

I am married to a strong and talented woman.Indian women have shown that they can succeed in every field.

We know from experience that nations are more successful when its women are more successful.

If nations want to succeed, they cannot ignore the talents of half of their population. Every woman should be treated with respect and dignity.

We remember the wisdom of Gandhiji that religions are flowers of the same garden

India will succeed as long as it is not split on religious lines and is unified as one nation

Our nations are strongest when we empower our youth.

Prejudices and stereotypes are what happens to old minds, like mine

Young people are important in these efforts. Young Indians are going to shape the world

Michelle and I didn't come from famous or wealthy families. We believe young people should pursue their dreams.

We will increase collaboration between colleges. I want more American students to come to India.

That way, we can learn for each other.

Indians and Americans are the hardest working people.

Despite our imperfections, our two countries have the key to progress..

We reach for heights previous generations could not imagine. We respect human rights and human dignity.

We do these things because it makes our lives better.We believe in the people of India and the promise of India.

We are proud to be your partner and your friend. "

With this, President Obama signs off. He is greeted by a standing applause from the audience.

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