You are at YSRCP Open Support To Modi!

YSRCP Open Support To Modi!

Today YCP announced its open support to Union government in passing amendment related to CBI director selection process. YCP MP Mithun Reddy disclosed party opinion with media and called other parties as well to support this legislation.

Modi who wanted reforms in CBI directors selection process ordered ministry to take necessary steps to prevent misuse of CBI. Considering this Union cabinet prepared reforms legislation and forwarded to parliament today. It's surprise that YCP expressed its support without any request from ruling government. It claimed CBI has been used wrongly and congress used as a weapon to harass YS Jagan. Adding to this it slammed CBI response on complaints of Chandrababu. Midhun Reddy questioned CBI on forming 22 teams to investigate Jagan cases when it unable to provide staff for taking allegations on Chandrababu. It's big question for political circles on YCP, why its given its support to BJP before they made any request. Is it trying to woo BJP to get out of existing cases? . May be Jagan only can answer this question.

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