You are at YSRCP MP Raja Mohan Reddy Warns Jagan!

YSRCP MP Raja Mohan Reddy Warns Jagan!

You should give democracy to us, YCP MP warns Jagan

In a embarrassing moment to YS Jagan , Party MP Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy suggested party chief to rethink on the democracy. In his suggestion he stressed YS Jagan should stop feeling as dictator and he should give democracy to party leaders.

Speaking to media Mekapati expressed his wish to participate in AP government Janmabhoomi - Maa Uru program. He condemned the roumers on his party shift stressed he will be in the party. He challenged party other leaders as " If i quit the party , definitely i will resign to my post. I have no such ideas at the moment. But i urge Jagan should respect the party leaders". The comments took media concentration as its came into news when Konathala also delivered harsh comments on Jagan. Even party followers are in think why Mekapati delivered such comments in this sensitive time.

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