You are at TDP Not Just A Political Party, It's A System

TDP Not Just A Political Party, It's A System

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is one of the prominent regional parties that made an indelible impact in state and national political scene. For any political party to flourish, a strong cadre is a must and with nearly 55 lakh registrations, TDP is the largest party with a huge cadre base in the Telugu states.

For the last two days, the TDP's annual conclave Mahanadu has been going on in Tirupati and this time too, the event has been a grand success thanks to the enthusiastic participation of thousands of TDP cadres who thronged the event from all corners of the country. TDP's loyal cadre base was first set up by the party's founder president and late film star and Chief Minister NT Ramarao, who attracted the masses into his party thanks to his film star charisma.

Since then, the number of the party's loyal followers base grew leaps and bounds under Chandrababu's administration thanks to several developmental and cadre welfare schemes, and cultivated a deep trust factor among the rural folk, middle-class and the young and educated.

TDP started to recognize and aid its cadres on a war mission ever since Nara Lokesh launched the Party Workers' Welfare Division at the 2014 Mahanadu and extended several welfare schemes like accidental insurance up to 2 lakhs, hospital and travel discounts, education allowances for the cadres' children and insurance for the beneficiaries of the cadres and no other political party offers these benefits to its cadres.

Apart from these, by declaring the party's financial assets and resolutions during the Mahanadu conclaves each year, TDP transformed itself from being a mere political party into a powerful system that strived for the welfare of the state and its lakhs of cadres in its 34 year old political journey.

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