You are at Sena takes potshots at BJP over Bihar poll outcome

Sena takes potshots at BJP over Bihar poll outcome


Shiv Sena lambasted BJP, its alliance partner in Maharashtra, on Monday over the Saffron party's humiliating debacle in the Bihar Assembly polls 2015
In Shiv Sena's mouthpiece Saamna, It described the Bihar verdict as the victory of 'Humanity' and voters have buried BJP allies 20-feet underground. The daily also ridiculed Modi for not even managing 60-odd seats inspite of using of money, publicity, special package and political gimmicks. Saamna also opined Nitish Kumar retained power with honesty, simplicity and grounded nature.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar managed a landslide victory to retain power thrice in a row. Winning 2/3rd seats in a battle against Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a historic victory. Narendra Modi addressed 30 rallies in Bihar during the poll campaigning. This is the highest by an Prime Minister in the backward state. Despite using all the tricks, BJP can't even reach the half-way mark and political opponents are taking advantage of this situation.

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