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Caste politics is ground reality, says Nitin Gadkari


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that politics on caste exist in every party but BJP cannot rule by making caste politics the key issue. On AajTak's Manthan, Nitin Gadkari said that Modi never made caste an issue during his long tenure as Gujarat CM. BJP also never mentioned caste during the Lok Sabha elections. He said there is no polotical angle in mentioning Modi as an OBC PM.

Questions on secularism

While speaking on the issue of secularism, Nitin Gadkari questioned: "if Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Singh can be labelled as secular despite playing politics in the name of religion to gain Muslim votes, then why BJP who treats all religions equally cannot be termed Secular?"

Gadkari said we are secular people. We treat every religion equally. People who play politics in the name of Afzal Guru's hanging can never be called secular.

"BJP doesn't want to be communal and believes that not every Muslim is a Pakistan sympathiser and it wants to genuinely work towards the upliftment of the community," he added.

On Sakshi Maharaj's statements

Gadkari claimed that the controversial statements by BJP leaders such as Sakshi Maharaj should be ignored as they did not represent the party's views. The Nagpur MP also said that the party cannot rely only on a specific set of votes, a party needs votes from everyone to win.

Congress has done nothing for the Muslims

Gadkari highlighted the problems faced by the Muslim community during the Congress regime which has failed to do anything for them since independence. All that they have given them is either a paan shop or a scrap shop, he added.

'We have the nation's confidence'

Gadkari said that Pakistan's former President has admitted that Pakistan cannot directly win a war with India, so the policy now is that they would send terrorists to spread terror in India. Pakistan will instigate fights between Hindus and Muslims in India. He said, "we are not against the Muslims in India. The people of our nation trust us".

Gadkari has claimed that the Modi government is working for development without any discrimination on the basis of area or caste. He said that the Centre has given funds for development schemes for every state from Jammu and Kashmir to the North-East.

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