You are at AP BJP Leaders Counter Attack On Pawan Kalyan

AP BJP Leaders Counter Attack On Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan came down heavily on BJP for cheating people with opportunist politics during the public meetings at Tirupati and Kakinada. BJP Leadership seems to have directed its Leaders to launch a counter attack.

AP BJP Leaders: 'Is Pawan Kalyan an Andhrite or Telanganite or Samaikyandhrite? If he is really concerned about the development of AP, Pawan should shift his base to AP and strive for establishing Film Industry in Visakhapatnam. It would be nice if he speaks on the Special Package with clear understanding about its benefits'.

Yet again, AP BJP Leaders showed their loyalty to party rather than questioning the injustice done. Before questioning the commitment of Pawan Kalayan, BJP need to apologize for acting against the wishes of the people. If BJP is really committed to development of AP, It should have set up Railway Zone in Visakhapatnam by now. Before pointing fingers at others, BJP Leaders need to question themselves.

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