You are at Andhra Advocates Seek Respect From TS Judge

Andhra Advocates Seek Respect From TS Judge

A judge, said to be hailing from Telangana, is drawing the ire of the legal fraternity here as many in the Bar are not happy at his ways of running the court and disposal of cases. Local lawyers threatened a boycott of the courts from Tuesday afternoon, demanding his transfer.

In a meeting of the Kakinada Bar, several advocates expressed their displeasure over the attitude of the judge during arguments in his court. Lawyers as well as litigants are allegedly not being given due respect by the judge and some of his actions were said to be in violation of legal conventions.

The advocates' fraternity decided on a boycott of the courts, saying, “Irrespective of whether the judge belongs to Telangana or not, we demand respect from judicial officers. Advocates can't bear such humiliation."

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