You are at Rough (1.5/5.0) Movie Review

Rough (1.5/5.0) Movie Review

తెలుగు లో రఫ్ రివ్యూ

Review : Rough Movie Review ( 1.5/5.0 )

Cast: Aadi, Rakul Preeti Singh

Director: CH Subba Reddy

Producer:  Abilash

Production House: Sridevi Entertainments

Music: Manisharma

Bottom Line : Another Routine Flick !

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Aadi Dance Skills
Production Values
Routine Story
Forced Scenes

Rough Movie Review - Story

Aadi gives entry with a fight scene and as usual falls in love with Rakul Preet Singh for first time. Srihari is her brother. Aadi tries to impress her. On the other hand Jayaprakash Reddy and Chandra enters bringing some laughs. Ajay gives entry as Suraj and Rakul comes to know Aadi’s flashback. This brings some seriousness in the film and routine sentiment. Did Aadi gets love of Rakul by convincing Srihari and what is the rivalry between Ajay and Aadi is rest of the story.

Rough Movie Review - Star Performance 

Except Srihari Dialogues and few nicely shot songs, rest gives full space to boredom. Fights are injected in script to show Six pack body of Aadi which makes you uncomfortable.Songs too comes forcefully. Aadi did his routein acting. Excelled in some dance moves. Rakul looked gorgeous. Remaining did their part.

Rough Movie Review - Techinical Team

CH Subba Reddy has made this film as mass action film. This film has common story of Brother & sister sentiment in lines of  Dhee, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantaana. Audience cannot expect any twists. Locations and Production values are good.Editing can be crisp.

Rough Movie Review - Analysis

We cannot expect any miracles from this movie. We have seen dozens of these stories. Sibblings affection, love track, some relation between hero and heroine brother, few comedy scenes in between..., and goes on. Rough is nothing different. But its different to Aadi. You can just time pass for two and half hours if you got nothing to do this weekend!

Rough Telugu Movie Live Updates

12:55am : Climax done. Keep watching for complete movie review.

12:45 pmWith a twist, film heads to climax.

12:38 pmSome emotional drama scenes are going on between Aadi, Rakul Preet and Srihari.

12:30 pm : Time for next song 'Edukondala Venkata Ramana'. Lead pair displays their dancing skills in this fast number.

12:20 pm : Rakul Preet comes to know the flashback of Aadi and film takes serious turn.

12:15 pm : Ajay makes an entry as Suraj. Comedy scenes are on now.

12:10 pm : With some twists, film takes interesting turn

12:05 pm : Some interesting scenes are going on between film's main characters

11:55 am : Time for another song 'Nandu I Love you'. Aadi tries good dance moves.

11:50 am : After interval, movie begins in a comedy mode.

11:45 am: End of first half as like routine not so impressive..

11:38 am:With a action sequence, movie heads to interval.

11:30 am:Some comedy scenes are on now among Raghubabu and his gang.

11:25 am: Time for next song 'Rubber banthi'. This song has been shot beautifully in picturesque foreign locations.

11:15am : Some Tom and Jerry type scenes are going on between Aadi and Srihari.

11:10am : Rakul Preet meets Aadi and gets impressed by his good deeds.

11:05am : A fight broke out between Aadi and deadly goons. It is shot well with slow motion camera.

11:01am : Movie shifts to Vizag. Some family drama is on now.

10:57am : Time for next song 'E vennela bomma'.

10:55am : Srihari has been introduced as Rakul Preet's brother. Some challenging scenes are on between Aadi and Srihari.

10:50am : It's love at first sight for Aadi and follows her.

10:45am : Rakul Preet Singh makes a gorgeous entry.

10:40am : Jayaprakash Reddy and Jabardasth fame Chandra makes entry. Some funny scenes are on among rowdies.

10:35am: song 'oye oye love all'. Aadi impresses with his dance moves

10:30am: Prathi Okkaru Preminchali Preminchakapothe Kodathanu : Chandu followed by introduction song..

10:25am: Typical Telugu Formulatic Introduction fight with Aadi Entry. 

10:20am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Rough Movie... 

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