You are at Review : I (2.0 / 5.0) | I Movie Review

Review : I (2.0 / 5.0) | I Movie Review

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చదవండి: తెలుగు లో

Review : I  Movie Review (2.0 / 5.0)

Cast : Vikram,Amy Jackson

Director: Shankar

Music : A.R.Rahman

Produced By : Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd

Release Date : January 14th 2015 

Bottom Line :  I Can't See You..Sorry Shankar....

What is Good
What Is bad
  • Vikram Best Performance
  • Amazing Visuals
  • A R Rahman background Score
  • Art Work
  • Story Line
  • Second Half
  • Editing
  • Too Much Length

Shankar 'I' Movie Review - Story

Popular model Diya (Amy Jackson) gets kidnapped from her wedding. Then starts a non-linear narration in flashback and present scenario, Flash back narrates about Lingesh (Vikram) a fierce bodybuilder and who aspires to win Mr.Andhra title. He admires National model Diya and meets her during an ad shoot at Annapurna Studios.The couple fall in love with each other. 

Twist in the tale arises when Diya’s professional enemies run down a deadly virus into Lingesh’s body which turns his life upside down. Rest of the story is as to how an diseased Lingesh takes revenge on those who made his life an living hell.

Shankar 'I' Movie Review - Star Performance

Vikram steals the show as he played three different characters a body builder to a model to a hunchback, which he eaasyed without a flaw. His performance in this film is mind-blowing and one of the finest ever on Indian screen. His body language as the hunchback is one of the biggest plus points of this film.

“I” is a new chapter for Upen Patel who looks fantastic with his clean shaven, understated yet ambitious young model

Amy Jackson is apt in her role and looks gorgeous. She sizzles in the Ladio, Bikini Ad shoot and Nuvvunte Naa Jathagaa. The major problem with the movie seems to be that the lead pair shared zero chemistry. Vikram tries to fairly convincing, but he doesn’t share the vibes with Amy Jackson who has a role to cherish.

Veteran actor Suresh Gopi is good in Doctor's role. Ram Kumar Ganeshan and Ojas M. Rajani are adequate in their small roles. Santhanam comedy fails to entertain.

Shankar 'I' Movie Review - Techinical Team

Shankar, who is known for making intelligent films that appeal to the masses, is not up to the mark in this film.Movie themes true love and revenge are painfully familiar, and some scenes feel so forced that they almost make us cringe. Shankar had an interesting premise on his hand but messed it up with lethargic screenplay. I doesn't have any moments that will leave you awestruck. 

Although the story has nothing new to offer, Vikram’s dedication, Cinematographer P C Sriram vision, A R Rahman music make all the difference. P C Sriram camera work is a visual delight.

From the sweeping rich locales of the China to the unassuming beauty of South India, the film takes much from the beautiful lands, weather and communities in which it finds itself.

The sets designed and scale of the movie is up to Shankar’s standard. Telugu dubbing is decent and so are the dialogues. Screenplay by Shanakar lacks focus in many areas as you do not get attached to film emotionally. The way Vikram’s character goes about taking revenge on the bad guys in the first half  is unclear.

At three hour-eight minutes, it does drag a lot in the second half; it was never boring, but it takes a very long route to get to the final showdown. Shankar gets a little carried away in showing off the visuals at a few points when he could have been tightening the story. For such a long movie, the supporting characters aren’t given much room.

Production Values of Aascar Ravichander are grand.

Shankar 'I' Movie Review - Analysis

Given its Love and Revenge story,this could have been a slick thriller with racy screenplay and thrilling moments. However I is stretched too long for more than three hours without proper reason. There are far many boring sequences in the film which will force you to take a break.

Despite narrating the story in spaced flashback method, the screenplay hardly engages you due to its predictability. The techniques used by Vikram for taking revenge are not at all impressive. Except for the brilliant performance of Vikram, there is nothing to admire. This film disappoints on many levels as it comes from the master filmmaker. We could understand some mediocre director to make such lackluster movie, but coming from Shankar, I will hurt you even more. 

Weak script, overly long run time, poor execution, unexciting narration doesn't let I to live up to the hype it has generated. Given its high budget and massively disappointing content, I will need a miracle to click at the box office. Just Watch I for Vikram and keep your expectations as low as possible.

చదవండి: తెలుగు లో

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