You are at RGV '365 Days Telugu Movie Review (1.75/5.0)

RGV '365 Days Telugu Movie Review (1.75/5.0)

Cast: Nandu, Anaika Soti
Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by: Venkatesh
Music by: Nag Srivatsav
Release Date: 15-05-2015

Bottom Line: 365 days – It's a RGV Brand Movie.... !!

What is GoodWhat is Bad
Anaika Soti Glamour
Second Half
Slow Narration
Posani Krishna Murali Character
365 Days - Story
Apoorva(Nandu) is a young corporate employee who falls in love with Shreya(Anaika Soti). The couple get closer to each other and soon their love leads to their happy wedding. After a few days of their blissful marriage, the couple get into a huge fight and misunderstandings start creeping up in their relationship.
Things get so ugly that they stop believing in the concept of marriage any more. Rest of the story showcases as to what actually lead to those problems and how do they end up solving them.
365 Days - Star Performance
Nandu is promising in his role as a lover and husband. Surprisingly he looked dreary on screen. Anaika Soti is visual feast and she couldn't deliver in terms of performance. The one to watch out for is Posani Krishna Murali as a man against marriage. Though his comedy is cheap, he was successful in tickling the funny bone. Rest of the characters Satya Krishna, Geethanjali, Krishnudu, Kondavalasa & Surekha Vani are okay in their small roles.
365 Days - Technical Team

The experience of watching “365 Days" was certainly not a pleasant one for me, who once felt gallant to be called a follower of the cult cinema made by Ram Gopal Varma. No doubt, the setting regarding his directorial venture has gone from disappointing to horrible in recent years but honestly I never felt this bad before. RGV was one of those few directors who made very distinctive films in early 90's and 2000's. But it was shocking seeing such a low grade content from the film maker, which made me feel horrible, distressed and thwarted. “365 Days" is a story of most modern couples and it's based on my personal experiences said Varma while addressing the media.

With a storyline like this, one could easily impress audience with some feel good narration. But as far as 365 Days goes there is nothing to write much about, since it doesn't even offer a single interesting scene right from its first frame. The film talks about modern relations is needlessly stuffed with songs and over expose. The performances of the leads range from decent to immature like recent RGV films. 365 Days looked like an immature attempt from the word go. Most of the sequences in the film lacks credibility.

Varma has not focused on the continuity aspect while many sequences are repeated. You feel that the monotony of narration is slowly fizzling out from 147th day after marriage is narrated. But by that time your patience would be exhausted, and 365 Days end up another ordinary film that fails to make any impact. When the Dialogues are bookish.

Coming to other Technical aspect, Anith Madadi's cinematography is okay. He could have limited the over usage of slo-mo shots in the film. Music by Nag Srivasthav is fine. But too many forced tracks blows the narration of the film. The Background Score of the film is apt. Editing of the film by Anwar Ali is adequate. Editing of 10-15 minutes towards second half could have helped the film. As the pace of the film needs to be lot brisker to match the genre of the film. Production Values of ZED 3 pictures are good.

365 Days - Analysis

Story of the film is quite simple and has nothing much to offer. One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the narration. RGV's execution lacks clarity and has no depth in the emotions. The pain and grief which is caused by these misunderstandings have not been showcased properly.Second half of the film is the biggest drawback and has no weight in the proceedings. The film is dragged to the core and gets boring after a point. Neither the narration nor the scenes manage to entertain the audience. Even though Varma tries hard to salvage things, the film starts going downward slide. After a point, Varma only tries to showcase the problems between the married couples which goes a bit overboard.Emotional bonding between the couple has not been showcased at all. Songs are a huge hindrance and disturb the flow of the film big time.


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