You are at Pencil Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Pencil Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Cast: G. V. Prakash Kumar, Sri Divya
Directed by: Mani Nagaraj
Produced by: S. P. Ragavesh
Music by: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Release date: May 13th, 2016
Pencil - Story
Shiva (GV Prakash Kumar) is a very bright student and topper of the school. He loves his classmate Maaya Devineni (Sri Divya) one sidedly. Nitin (Shaariq Hassan) is a son of Telugu Superstar Suresh Babu who is very bad at behaviour and high in attitude because of his rich and powerful dad. Nitin always creates problems for his fellow students. Nitin and Shiva has clashes from the beginning because of their statuses.

Once Nitin burns thesis prepared by Shiva for his UNESCO speech for two years. He warns Nitin to kill. Nitin puts a spy cam in girl's washroom and gets to shoot an intimate scene between his two unmarried and loving teachers. He starts to blackmail them. After some messed up scenes, Nitin gets murdered with a pencil and Shiva is framed. How Shiva and Maaaya together solved this murder case forms the rest of story.
Pencil - Star Performance

G V Prakash Kumar as an actor is growing from film to film. There is a lot of change when compared to his previous film Thrisha Ledha Nayanathara. He played character named Shiva, a topper who is also in desperation of love. Sri Divya as Maaya Devineni has done a nice job.

She played a role who is very brave and has a clarity on what she is doing. Shaariq Hassan has done superb job as Nitin. He is at a lot of ease in his acting. His did his role with lot of conviction. VT Ganeshan is funny. Other actors did a fine job with their roles.
Pencil - Technical Team
Camera work is decent and presents the film well. Art department could have done a better job as very less students are showcased in a huge school which looks weird in some scenes. Music is below average but the background score is nice. As said earlier, screenplay is the heart and soul of the film as it holds interesting moments together.

Coming to the director Mani Nagraj, he has set the Korean remake supremely well. The way he has made students the main protagonists and narrated the film with good thrills and held on to the suspense is appreciable.
Pencil - Analysis
This movie revolves around murder of Nitin, son of Telugu Superstar Suresh Babu, played by Shaariq Hassan. It happens in a school where they are studying. First half of the movie is consumed by introduction of all the characters and conflicts between leads. Screenplay is fine. Everything that happens in this half is connected to Shaariq Hassan's character. Hatred on him is elevated to a very high level by which audience go clueless on zeroing about who is the real murderer.

This half ends where Maaya sees Siva as murderer of Nitin. What audience gets with this half is clear cut confusion and some okay entertainment. This half neither have edge of the seat thrilling elements or laughter moments. It just an okay first half. Second half is where Maaya and Shiva starts to know the real killer. Screenplay here is good. Inspection scenes written to generate comedy goes pale and fail to generate the expected level of comedy. To, sum up Pencil is a Decent murder mystery.
Pencil - Trailer

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