You are at Ice Cream 2 (1.0/ 5.0) Movie Review

Ice Cream 2 (1.0/ 5.0) Movie Review

Telugu Movie - Ice Cream2 Movie Review (1.0/ 5.0) 

Release Date : November 21st

Cast : Naveena and J. D. Chakravarthy

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Bottom Line : Unbearable RGV Again!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Better than Ice Creme
Naveena Galmour
RGV Story
Second Half
Too Much Voilence

Ice Cream 2 Movie Review - Story

A group of close friends decide to make a short film and go to a haunted location to shoot it. As soon as they land there, some weird things start happening around them. As soon as they try to find out the reason behind all this, they get kidnapped by Sikka(JD Chakravarthy) and his gang of bank robbers.

Twist in the tale occurs when the entire group starts getting killed one after the other. What is happening in the forest ? Who is killing everyone ? What happens to the entire group ? That forms the rest of the story.

Ice Cream2  Movie Review - Star Performance 

Nandu, Dharaj do their roles pretty well. Naveena provides the necessary eye candy. Second half is a bit OK when compared to the first as most the thrills happen during this time. J D Chakravarthy Performance is ok

Ice Cream2 Movie Review - Techinical Team

Camerawork is just about ok and is nothing much to rave about. The flow cam technology which was used in Ice Cream was far more superior than the one showcased here. There are not many dialogues and the run time is decent. Once again, RGV comes up with genuine ideas but goes over board in executing them. Even with this film, he rushes up things and makes it for an unclear ending. Screenplay of the film is below par and many characters do not have proper justification.

Ice Cream 2 Movie Review - Analysis

One the whole, Ice Cream 2 is definitely a better film than Ice Cream. But hold on, that does not mean RGV has a winner. He repeats the same mistakes of stretching the film too much and ending it abruptly. This film would have been decent as a short film, but sadly it ends up as yet another bullet misfired from the armor of RGV.

12:15 pm :Movie done. Keep Watching For Ice Cream 2 Movie Full Review

12:08 pm :A gory climax is on now....

12:05 pm :Movie heading towards climax

12:00 pm :Serious twists in the tale

11:55 pm :Movie heading into an serious and interesting mode

11:50 pm :Some intense scenes featuring Dhanraj are on now

11:47 am :Some comedy scenes between Chakravarthy and Nandu are on now

11:40 am :Post interval the movie heads into a comedy zone

11:28 am :The entire gang is stuck in deep problems, Simple twist in the tale. . Interval now

11:17 am : Twist in the tale. Some suspense scenes are on now

11:10 am :Chakravarthy has made an entry along with Jeeva

11:03 am :The movie heads to a dense forest..

10:57 am :A song titled ice fruit is on now...Nandu and Naveena share a sizzling chemistry

10:52 am :RGV's voice over is on now..A bunch of friends makes an entry

10:47 am :Nandu and Dhanraj make an entry

10:45 am :The movie has just started with the hot title song, Naveena is showcasing his sensousous side

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