You are at Nirmala Convent Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Nirmala Convent Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)


నిర్మల కాన్వెంట్ తెలుగు మూవీ రివ్యూ(2.5/5.0)

Cast: Nagarjuna, Roshan, Shriya Sharma
Directed by: G. Naga Koteswara Rao
Produced by: Concept Films Pvt. Ltd
Music by: Roshan Saluri
Release Date: 09/16/2016
Nirmala Convent - Story
The story of Nirmala Convent takes place in Bhupathinagaram, a small and beautiful village filled with scenic visuals. The king of the village has 99 acres of land however a small farmer Veerayya (LB Sriram) has one acre land which is quite crucial for the village head Raju garu's 99 acres as the water for cultivation need to be given through his one acre. As Veerayya refuses to sell his one acre, he will be killed after which his son (David) takes the responsibility. David's son Shyam (Roshan) is a bright student in school who studies with the Raju's grand daughter Santhi (Shriya Sharma). The duo fall in love which turns undigestable for Santhi's father Bhupati Raju (Aditya Menon). David asks Bhupati Raju to allow their marriage after which Bhupati asks for the one acre. Will Shyam end up winning his love? What will happen to the one acre land forms the rest of the story. Watch Nirmala Convent to know about the rest.
Nirmala Convent - Star Performance
The movie has a fresh casting scenario and that is a positive aspect. Roshan Meka has delivered a good performance as Samuel and he will be having a bright future in Tollywood if he selects the right scripts. Shriya Sharma as Shanti has already enacted in dozen of movies as child artist. Now she is a glam doll and she steal our hearts. Her eyes itself speak a lot and however she still needs to channelize a lot for better scripts. Supporting cast is the biggest strength. Aditya Menon, Sammer, Surya, Prabhu, Chandrahas, LB Sriram, Thagubothu Ramesh have done justice to their roles. They are absolutely flawless. The movie has no problem with casting.
Nirmala Convent - Technical Team
Roshan Saluri has given a brilliant music and that is the backbone of the movie. He doesn't seem to be a debut composer. All songs are instant catchy and attractive. The tunes are hummable. He also scored on background work. Ananta Sriram has written Lyrics for 4 songs and they are also meaning ful. Editing could have been better as most of the scenes are a tad lengthy. Crispy editing would have been better. S. V. Vishweshwar's cinematography is another plus. Cinematography and Music are the biggest positives.
The frames are simple and vibrant. But the story and screenplay is what troubles. Most of the scenes give a delusion that loving at wrong age is a good thing (!) Also this might mislead most of the young generation. Don't let the children be conned into thinking life is all singing and dancing and falling in love.
Nirmala Convent - Analysis
'Nirmala Convent' has a good fresh cast supported by lead actors. Technical team is also solid. Music and Cinematography are the biggest positives. But Screenplay is bad and it is executed in worst way possible. So due to this everything gets rotten. The redundancy is obvious in every frame. It seems the scriptwriters ovioulsy ran out of ideas. Furthermore the characters are incredibly boring and totally lack complexity

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