You are at Thikka Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Thikka Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Larissa Bonesi,Mannara Chopra
Directed by: Suneel Reddy
Produced by: C Rohin Kumar Reddy
Music by: SS Thaman
Release Date: 08/11/2016
Thikka - Story
Aditya(Sai Dharam Tej) is a happy go lucky employee who falls in love with Anjali(Larissa Bonessi). The twist in the tale arises when complications erupt between the couple and they break up with each other.
Depressed with this, Aditya calls for a breakup party with his friends. A freaky incident during the party changes the course of Aditya's life. New characters like a dreaded don, a prostitute and heroine's father create even more confusion in the proceedings. Rest of the story is as to how Aditya manages to come out of this crazy situation and gets back on track.
Thikka - Star Performance
Sai Dharam Tej has done justice to his role and he has did everything he could to save the movie from being a disaster. He has acted so good in comedy scenes and his dancing skills are fabulous. He must work fre more on his comedy timings. Larissa Bonesi is cute. But she doesn't have much to offer other than that. Second half of the movie is better with slight comedy and screenplay. Ajay and Fish Venkat have done justice to their roles. Don't know what on earth has forced Rajendra Prasad agree to such a script. He has bee under utilized completely.
Thikka - Technical Team
The movie has already grabbed everyone's attention as Tamil actors Simbhu and Dhanush have crooned for one song each in this movie. S.S.Thaman has composed music and he has worked on the background score too. SS Thaman has made some good music and it is already a success. KV Guhan has made an excellent cinematography. Each frame is a treat to watch.
The colours are vibrant and there are no hush-hush rushes. Editing could have been better as the movie has over dumping of songs. Unnecessary song sequences act as hindrance to the movie. G.Sheik Dawood has written the story and screenplay and he never had a clarity or a vision towards it. It is obvious as some scenes are non-linear too. Sri Venkateswara Movie Makers have promoted the movie extensively and that is also obvious.Karthik Srinivasa has handled the cuts and he should have done a better job with editing desk.
Thikka - Analysis
Seems Tollywood is facing some bad time yet again. After 'Babu Bangaram', now 'Tikka' has also gone for a toss as the movie is considerably bad. The movie never has any emotions and the logic can never be found anywhere on the zone. Sunil Reddy's direction is terrible. First half of the movie is completely avoidable and second half is better than the first.

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