You are at Tripura Telugu Movie Review (2.5/5.0)

Tripura Telugu Movie Review (2.5/5.0)

Cast: Colors Swathi, Naveen Chandra, Pooja, Sriman
Directed by: Raj Kiran
Produced by: M Chinababu, Rajasekhar
Music by: Kamran
Background Score: November 6, 2015
Tripura - Story
Tripura(Swathi) is a typical village belle who gets weird dreams which turn out to be true in real life. Seeing Tripura's medical condition, her dad consults a psychiatrist (Naveen Chandra) in Hyderabad. During her treatment in the city, Tripura falls in love with Naveen and eventually marries him with the consent of her parents.As time passes by, Tripura continues to get these dreams, until one day where she sees herself killing Naveen with a knife. What will Tripura do now ? Will her dreaded come true ? Will she really kill her husband in real life too ? That forms the rest of the story.
Tripura - Star Performance
Coming to performances, Naveen Chandra appears confident on screen. But he needs to work a lot on his histrionics and body. Swathi Reddy has understood the role very well, she is a screen charmer. Sivannarayana, Rao Ramesh, Sriman and Naveen Chandra's gang are okay in their short roles. Pooja Chandran has nothing much to do in her role and is hardly visible on screen till pre-climax. Comedians Sapthagiri, JP, Shakalaka Shankar and Dhanraj fail to tickle the funny bone.
Tripura - Technical Team
As stated by director Raaja Kiran, Yes. “Tripura” has a better storyline than his debut film Geethanjali starring Anjali in the lead role. Director Raaja has experimented with the storyline in this movie and his lack of experience in the film's narration was clearly evident on screen. The storyline though remind us of films like Prema Kadha Chitram, Over Her Dead Body, White Dreams (2015), When Dreams Come True, Premonition (2007), Dead of Night and Medium (2005). Tripura never really tried to come close to these films as director took a routine commercial route to narrate this film and dragged it further by adding too many romantic and forced comedy sequences.

The Screenplay has a lot of flaws like, How come Swathi, just limited to dream about the people who are near and dear to her (Even about Hen sometimes); Director never really tries to showcase how did Rao Ramesh control dreaming of Swathi in the first place and never really tries to continue the same therapy through doctor Naveen Chandra; If Swathi was able to dream about Past and Future, why did she stare at people (Like something bad was about to happen to them – Added Extra Sensory Perception); etc and the concept of the story goes in sync with our typical ghost revenge stories by the end. Direction of RaajaKiran is a mixed bag. It's packed with decent technical values but is very low on content and screenplay.

Ravikumar Sana has done his camerawork to an acceptable level and Kamran's music lacks consistency except for Swathi's introduction song. Even Background Score was loud and not upto the mark. The editing could have been better. The VFX used for this film is simply b grade stuff and even unnecessary in some sequences. Production Values of “Crazy Media” are alright.
Tripura - Analysis

Horror comedies are in thing in Tollywood with high success rate for this genre, so here comes Tripura. Though the genre is being liked by audiences, this is also facing similar problem of mass movies - formulaic scenes and episodes.After watching umpteen horror thrillers and horror comedies in the recent past, one gets the feeling that this has run on pretty routine manner.

The story offers some gripping moments but the director has wasted too much time on comedy in the first half that is not at all appealing. The interval bang comes after lengthy aimless diversions.Is Tripura horror comedy or crime thriller or ghost drama? You can't tell the difference as it mixes all in one movie.The strength of the movie is that the director keeps the suspense element till the end effectively. Also the comedy spoof of Shakalaka Shankar as a wannabe star is funny.

Colors Swathi and Naveen Chandra with their acting hold some interest too. Here and there the film offers some interesting moments but it is not gripping throughout because of its regular story and screenplay. Lengthy runtime also tests the patience.All in all, Tripura will work for those who don't expect much novelty and who enjoy comedy.

Tripura - Trailer

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