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Maine Pyar Kiya

MOVIE:Maine Pyar Kiya

RATING: 2.75/5

Cast: Pradeep , Isha Talwar , Satya Dev ,Madhumitha and others

Directed by : Pradeep Maadugula

Produced by : Sana Venkata Rao, Up

Banner :Unify Creations

Music by : V. Pradeep Kumar

Release Date : 2014-06-21


Maine Pyar Kiya Movie Review

This is a season where most of the low budget films are seeing light every Friday. This week it is the turn of Maine Pyar Kiya, a small budget film that has been promoted well by the makers to hit the silver screen.

What is it about?

Naveen (Pradeep) is a software engineer and a big flirt. He flirts with every girl in his office. Shalini (Isha Talwar) joins his office and Naveen fall in love in with her. Even Shalini likes him but comes to know that he has created problems to her in the past. She distances herself from him. What is the reason for Shalini to hate Naveen forms rest of the story.


Pradeep has good looks but not so great on the acting front. He did an okay job in his role. Isha Talwar is a pretty face who cannot emote at all. Satya Dev is a very good actor and walks away with the cake with his matured performance. Madhumitha did well too. Posani Krishna Murali irritates with his gay comedy. Viva Harsha doesn't make an impact.


Music by Pradeep Kumar is fine. A couple of songs are good. Background score is impressive too. Cinematography is the major highlight for this small film. Cinematographer did a very good job within the limited resources. Editing is not up to the mark. Production values are alright.

Director did well in the second half compared to the first half. He handled the emotional part of the movie in a convincing manner. But the film hardly engages in the first half and even the climax portion is not good. Had he taken care about the loose ends in the script Maine Pyar Kiya would have been far better film.

Thumbs Up:


Satya Dev - Madhumitha track


Thumbs Down:

Gay comedy of Posani Krishna Murali

Pointless first half

Unconvincing climax



Maine Pyar Kiya is not a bad film, but leaves so much scope for betterment. There are some impressive portions in the film that will lift the spirits up. But the director failed to do that on a consistent basis. First half of the film is not so engaging and it is like every other so called youth films.

Real movie starts in second half and the film will start to impress with superb scenes between Satya Dev and Madhumitha. Even the love scenes of the young pair involving kids have come out well. However the director focused to make this film appeal to larger section of audience. Unnecessary comedy tracks were introduced and that have spoiled the mood of the movie.

Posani Krishna Murali's gay comedy track is a major letdown. Maine Pyar Kiya has few good scenes here and there, but on a whole it will disappoint. It can be watched on the home edition though. Director has potential but should focus more on the feel of the film rather opting for cheap commercial ingredients. With the other small film Oohalu Gusagusalade generating positive buzz, this film may suffer to find its feet at the box office.

Verdict: Popcorn Pyar!   

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