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Srirastu Subhamastu Telugu Movie Review(2.75/5.0)

Cast: Allu Sirish, Lavanya Tripathi, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, Sumalatha, Ravi Prakash, Hamsa Nandini
Directed by: Parasuram ( Bujji )
Produced by: Allu Aravind
Music by: SS Thaman
Release Date: 05-08-2016
Srirastu Subhamastu - Story
Sirish (Allu Sirish) is a son of rich businessman. His father (Prakash Raj) wants to marry him and his brother to someone who are equal to their status. But Sirish's brother marries a middle class girl without the consent of his father. Sirish happens to love Anu (Lavanya Tripati) whom he has seen and rescued in Kashmir during his business trip. When he take this love affair to his father he rejects it and ask him to marry a girl he choose. Over a conversation they both agree on a small challenge and Sirish goes to Vizag to meet Anu and make her fall in love. After some days or months of their friendship Anu falls for him and her father (Rao Ramesh) fixes her marriage with his friend's son when she is about to propose her love to Sirish. How Sirish finally get to marry Anu? What is the challenge between him and his father?? forms the rest of the story.
Srirastu Subhamastu - Star Performance
Allu Sirish as Karthik has excelled in his role. Lavanya Tripathi as Anu is charming and has done justice to the role. We have seen her in such roles 'n' number of times. But still we are not bored of her. Allu Sirish is back after a long gap of 2 years and he has opted for a Family entertainer. Prakash Raj as typical father has emoted flawless and he carries the burden of the movie for most part. Rao Ramesh scores towards pre-climax where he speaks about girl's life pre and post-marriage. Sumalatha, Ravi Prakash, Pragathi, Tanikella Bharani have done justice to their roles. Nothing more to brag about. Comedy scenes between Ali and Subbaraju is definitely the saving grace in second half. When things go awkward, they bring smile on faces. The misunderstanding between characters creates some confusion comedy and that is also common in most of the movies. Some beaten to death cliches really spoil the show and the actors couldn't do much about it. Those scenes completely lack freshness and we can't blame the supporting actors.
Srirastu Subhamastu - Technical Team
Production values by Geetha Arts are top notch and they have not shied away from making this film look rich. Thaman's music is quite pleasing and goes with the mood of the film. Editing is top notch as the makers have cleverly packaged the film in a neat manner. Dialogues written are very good and so was the art direction. Coming to the director Parasuram, he has done a superb job with the film. After having a predictable story line, the way he narrated the film with ample entertainment and good dose of emotions shows his talent. He also scores brownie points for extracting a good performance from Sirish and showcasing him in a very decent manner.
Srirastu Subhamastu - Analysis
Allu Sirish might have thought of a perfect come back, but this is definitely not that worth ! It is a clean family movie which can be watched once if you have patience. Climax is way too cinematic and that is a biggest negative. First half is good and second half is a total disaster. The pre-climax scene is good. Sentiment is good at times , especially when sirish leaves Ananya Home. Nothing much to brag about. Once watchable for sure !
Srirastu Subhamastu - Trailer

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