You are at Brother Of Bommali (2.75/5.0 ) Movie Review

Brother Of Bommali (2.75/5.0 ) Movie Review

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Telugu Movie : Brother Of Bommali Movie Review (2.75/5.0 )

Cast: Allari Naresh, Monal Gajjar, Karthika Nair

Relese Date : November 7th

Director: B Chinni Krishna

Producer: Ammiraju Kanumilli

Music: Sekhar Chandra

Bottom Line : Krthika Bommali Show!

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Complete Comedy Pack
Allari Naresh and Karthika punch dialogues
Tall Monal Glamour
Some Routine Comedy Scenes
Story Dragged in Some Scenes
Predictable Story

Brother of Bommali Review - Story

Allari Naresh and Karthika both are twins. Allari Naresh is a meek person, while his sister Karthika is very courageous. From her childhood itself, Karthika dominates Allari Naresh in each and every aspect. At the same, she saves her brother when ever he gets into trouble. In the mean time, Allari Naresh comes across a girl named Monal Gajjar and falls in love with her. Their love becomes successful and they decide to get married. However, Allari Naresh's family goes by the general tradition and decides to make his marriage only after her sister Karthika gets married. But, Karthika tells them that she will marry only Harsha, whom she loves a lot. The movie takes a turning point, when they come to know that Harsha’s engagement has already been done with a rich lass. In such circumstances, what Allari Naresh has done to carry out his sister’s marriage with Harsha forms the crux of the story.

Brother of Bommali Review - Star Performance

Allari Naresh and Karthika are the main pillars of the film. The comic timing between Allari Naresh and Karthika is the main highlight of the movie. Allari Naresh’s punch dialogues are entertaining.Karthika really mesmerized the audience in an action packed role in the film. In one word, she can be considered as the Hero of the film. Karthika has really done a brilliant job. She deserves tons of appreciation.The tall Monal looks totally gorgeous with sparkling eyes in the film.Harshvardhan Rane, Ali, Brahmanandam, Jayaprakash Reddy, Naagineedu and Vennala Kishore have done justice to their roles.

Brother of Bommali Review - Techinical Team

Director Chinni Krishna has done a wonderful job with the film.The Production Values of Siri Cinema banner are good.Sekhar Chandra has composed an average music for the movie. Even though the album got a positive response, Music director Sekhar Chandra background music in the film is not much impressive.Camerawork is quite well.Editing could have been better, as the movie seems to be dragged at some instances.

Brother of Bommali Review - Analysis

The movie is completely a comedy and family entertainer. The novel idea taken for the story is really appreciable.The climax of the film is also encouraging with good twists.

Even though the comedy is hilarious, it looks routine as in Allari Naresh’s previous films.The story is predictable most of the times.At some instances, the movie seems to have been dragged a little bit, which could have been avoided easily.

Brother Of Bommali Movie Live Review

11:45 am: keep watching for Brother of Bommali Movie Full Review

1:45am: Dominic (Kelly) gives the final twist.. Ramki (Naresh) gets engaged to shruthi ... HAPPY ENDING...

11:35am: Nenu tho vesthe Akshanthalu avuthaayi, cheyyi lepputhe hathyalu avuthayyi : Kona (Brahmanandam)..

11:28 am: Comedy scenes on Kelly Dorji are now.

11:25 am : The entire movie has sifted into a situational comedy zone

11:23 am : Yet another mass song is on now...Allari Naresh is showing his dance moves

11:18 am : Some comedy scenes between Brahmanandam :  and Naresh are on now

11:05 am : Kelly Dorji makes an entry

10:58 am : Some situational comedy including the entire comedy clan is on now

10:48 am : A fun song is on now... All the characters in the second half are being introduced now

10:40am: Here comes Lucky and Ramki to stop the marriage of Harshavardhan in Kurnool....

10:36 am :Comedy King Brahmanandam makes an entry as Kona Venkat

10:25 am :Nagineedu and Abhimanyu entered on the screen and the movie moves to Kurnool

10:19 amLucky surprises to with a rule.. Time to meet Surya Pratap (Nagineedu) in Kurnool....Interval now

10:17 am : A small twist between Naresh and Karthika was revealed.  The movie is heading towards interval.

10:16am: Here comes the third song..Lucky (Karthika) love track "Handsome Kurravadu" Harshavardhan Rane innocence works well here.. 

10:05am: Oka Ammatitho adukkune mundu, mee amma vadilo adukunna vishayam marchipoku : Shruthi (Monal) 

9:55am: Naku Power Star thappa ee stars (Police) gurinchi telidhu : ALI

9:40am: Undercover Thief Johnny (ALI) gets introduction is hilarious.. .

9:37am: Ramki & Sruthi gets to know each other, while working for Siri Builders. Time for "I LOVE U " Song. Choreography goes with Rohit Shetty's Golmaal Style..

9:31am: Ramu (Naresh) falls in love with Shruthi (Monal Gajjar) on the first instance...

9:25am: Punctuality lekkapoyina Punch eyyadam baaga telusu.. Sundeep (Vennela Kishore) is here..

9:20am: Ram Lakshman composed first fight is interesting. Continuation song "Howla Howla Re" stylishly shot Karthika impresses with her steps..

9:15am: Ayyuddam Pattuko Balam Peruguthundi, Ayyuddam tho Pettukoku Pranam Pothundi...

9:10am: Ramu (Allari Naresh) & Lakshmi (Karthika) introduction scenes are funny...

9:05am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Brother Of Bommali Movie...

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