You are at Panileni Puli Raju Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Panileni Puli Raju Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Cast: Dhanaraj, Swetha Varma, Isha, Raghu Babu
Directed by: Chacha
Produced by: P V Nagesh Kumar
Music by: VV
Release Date: 15-07-2016
Panileni Puli Raju - Story
Puliraju (Dharaj) is a happy go lucky youth who wastes his time mostly in the company of women. Seeing his carefree nature, his father gets him married to a girl from a small village. As time passes by, Puliraju's father starts forcing him to have a baby boy so that his family lineage would continue further. But destiny has other plans as Puliraju's wife delivers a baby girl. Adding insult to injury, Puliraju finds out that his wife cannot give birth to anymore children because of some health issues. Upset with this, Puliraju's dad kicks him out of his home and demands him to come back only with a male successor. What will Puliraju do now ? Will he marry again and have a baby ? What will happen to his wife and daughter ? To know answers to all these questions, watch the film on the big screen.
Panileni Puli Raju - Star Performance
One of the main saving grace of this film is Dhanraj himself. It is his timing and comedy sense which brings some relief. The performance of late comedian Kondavalsa is also good to watch. The talented comedian supports Dhanraj right through out the film with his interesting character.
Panileni Puli Raju - Technical Team
Graphics used in the film are horrible. Music is okay and so were the production values. Dialogues are decent but the editing is pathetic. Coming to the director Chacha, he has done a horrible job with the film. He tried hard to induce some fun in the first half but took the film down with his directionless narration during the second half.
Panileni Puli Raju - Analysis
On Whole, Late Comedian-actor Kondavalasa has entertained the audience. Dhanraj's adult comedy will work in B and C centers only. Director confused the audience in the second half.
Panileni Puli Raju - Trailer

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