You are at Dynamite Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Dynamite Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha
Directed by: Deva Katta
Produced by: Manchu Vishnu
Music by: Achu
Release Date: 4-09-2015
Dynamite - Story

Sivaji Krishna(Manchu Vishnu) is a daring young man who meets a modern girl named Anamika(Pranitha). Charmed by his attitude, Anamika invites Sivaji to her apartment. As soon as the couple starts getting cozy, a serious twist in the tale occurs and Anamika is suddenly kidnapped by some unidentified goons.A helpless Sivaji starts chasing them and approaches the cops for help. To his surprise, even the cops are part of a huge conspiracy surrounding the kidnapping. Who are these goons ? Why did they kidnap Anamika ? and how does Sivaji risks his life and saves Anamika forms the rest of the story.

Dynamite - Star Performance

The less said about the performances of the actors the better. Manchu Vishnu has tried his best to shoulder the maximum responsibility, but have succeeded partly due to the sluggishly developed characterization in Telugu. The tattoos and muscular looks were nice add-ons to his characterization. Pranitha Subhash looks good in her short dresses, but she adds nothing to the character.

Sometimes she is even over expressive and comes out too loud in certain sequences. Coming to JD Chakravarthy, he just dubbed his role for his character in Telugu as his major scenes were taken from Arima Nambi directly and pasted in the Telugu version. Keeping that aside J D Chakravarthy does an honest job in the film as noetic politician. Even Item Song is directly pasted from Tamil version. Over a half a dozen actors like Naagineedu, Praveen, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Raja Ravindra, Yog Japee and Lekha Washington have done their job well.

Dynamite - Technical Team
Dynamite is an official remake of Tamil film “Arima Nambi” (2014) starring Vikram Prabhu and Priya Anand in the lead roles. The film story may have sounded smart in script form. But “Dynamite” is impelled by its crass story and plot twists in the first half. It's in the second half that the film tilts downhill and becomes an all-out thriller culminating in a terrible finale. Which in fact remind you of films like Rudhra (1991), Enemy of the state (1998), The Bourne Supremacy (2004) and a lot more made on these related subjects.

The major pros of this genre is only room for the levelheaded and the farfetched. The rest might be too hard to fit in but the genre defies them. The Script with the film is plagued with balmy writing. It's an ordinary script that divulges almost nothing to the audiences. The big plan of bringing down a potential Prime Minister candidate is something the film at no point set out for the audiences. It's done too easily, too conveniently sans no novelty. There are no thrills, no conviction and intelligence in the script which endeavors to attain even second-rater.

The sudden romantic angle works as a distraction more than a part of the story. It seems often that when the plotline starts going bonkers, the writers fit in a song out of the blue or needless emotional moment. It is so gimmicky and halting for most part. I wasn't expecting a tangible romance or chemistry but romance works as a prop up in this film. It doesn't serve any other function. The usage of oldest trick to trap the villain is very disappointing in the end.

The story had the potential to leave audiences gripped had it been made of a more packed size, or at least had a more enchanting treatment. In the present form, it has been extended for 10 to 15 minutes for sure. The film's writing too suffers from that theater kind of mood. On the technical front, Satya Mutyala's cinematography is fine. He has tried to place his camera at the most suitable places to capture the film's overall pulse. He could have worked a bit more on the night scenes and while capturing few action sequences. Stunts by Vijayan are good in parts. The hard work of Vishnu Manchu is completely wasted over here. Music by Achu Rajamani is a letdown. The Background Score by Chinna is more effective compared to the soundtrack. Production Values of 24 Frame Factory is appropriate.
Dynamite - Analysis
Arima Nambi is a 2014 Tamil Action Thriller from Anand Shankar that is often ranked as one of the decent thrillers. Telugu version of the film is presented in far more serious than what it is worth. If a goal of a filmmakers is to improve upon the original, it becomes clear that any film being remade is in significant trouble from the start, which is very evident in Dynamite from initial scenes. Deva Katta, who known for his good films in the past, but that doesn't give him the license to make a cheap film like Dynamite. He hits the new low with this remake. On the whole, if you really wanna see a decent thriller check out the original, Arima Nambi. Dynamite is one of those films that falls in the category of a remakes.

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