You are at Dora Telugu Movie Review(1.5/5.0)

Dora Telugu Movie Review(1.5/5.0)

Cast: Sathyaraj, Sibiraj, Bindu Madhavi
Directed by: Dharani Dharan
Produced by: Jawaharbabu Jakkam
Music by: Siddharth Vipin
Background Score: 01-07-2016
Dora - Story

For centuries, a unique palace in a village called Dorapuram has been haunted by ghosts. Police officer Satya (Sibiraj) is sent on an assignment to find out the truth behind this.When Satya reaches Dorapuram and starts searching for clues, he befriends Viji (Bindu Madhavi) and falls in love with her. Viji's cousin Veera (Karunakaran) is also in love with Viji and is keen on marrying her as well.

When Satya asks Viji's father to marry his daughter, he challenges Satya and Veera to survive seven days in the haunted bungalow. Satya and Veera move into the bungalow and start experiencing paranormal activities immediately.Will Satya and Veera survive these seven days? What is the reason behind these paranormal events? How is Satyaraj related to all this? These questions form the crux of the story.

Dora - Star Performance
Sibiraj is far behind his father Sathyaraj as an actor. He fails to grab attention and even during comical sequences. Bindu Madhavi who attracted us in 'Memu' is back to Village belle and the love scenes between Sibiraj and herself are bland. Karunakaran who is the recent sensation in comedy, fails to evoke laughter. Few scenes are pretty funny. The Cute little British Kid deserves special mention. The saving grace is Actor Sathyaraj and he shows his mettle as Dora. Motta Rajendran appears towards the end. He is just a filler. Rest of the cast don't even stay in our heart and mind. Such a poor narration in screenplay.
Dora - Technical Team
Director Dharanidharan who gave 'Burma' on his debut has tried to bring in the concept of Time Lapse, Horror and comedy together. Problem is, such an intelligent narration was spoiled by some silly stuff. For instance, Evil spirits are killed with Guns and Bullets !! What on earth does he think about audience ? The second half drags a lot and most of the audience feel uncomfortable as they clearly understand where the movie is heading. Siddharth Vipin's music is a big hole. His background score is neither scary nor melodious nor soothing to ears. Yuvraj's cinematography deserves a special mention. The dim lightings and usual horror frames are repeated at places. Producer MS Sharavanan has ensured that the production values stay high. Visual effects are decent for such a low budget movie..
Dora - Analysis
Yet another routine Horror comedy, where 'Good Evil' triumphs over 'Bad Evil'. Nothing new in story or screenplay. The only good thing is, few comedy sequences, if not the movie would have been a disaster. Problem is director tried to stuff lots of things within a thin space. Costumes and Ghost make up is pretty good. Satyaraj alone scored in acting and rest of them are immatured.
Dora - Trailer

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