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Run Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Cast: Sandeep Kishan, Anisha Ambrose
Directed by: Anil Kanneganti
Produced by: Sudhakar Cherukuri, Kishore Garikapati, Ajay Sunkara
Music by: Sai Karthik
Release Date: March 23th, 2016
Run - Story
Sanju(Sundeep Kishan) is a software engineer who looses his job during the recession time. Left with the responsibility of getting his sister married, Sanju takes a hand loan from a dreaded goon called Vaddi Raja(Bobby Simha).As times passes by, Sanju fails to repay the loan and this makes Vaddi Raja upset big time. He confronts Sanju and threatens him to pay his money back by the same evening.This is also the time when Sanju's love interest Ammu(Anisha Ambrose) leaves her house for good and joins Sanju. Rest of the story is as to how Sanju manages all his problems and comes out from the evil clutches of Vaddi Raja.
Run - Star Performance
Sundeep Kishan is good as the common man who is caught in a situation. His subtle body language and dialog delivery suited the character. Anisha is pretty. Bobby Simha is reasonably better than the rest of the cast, especially when he realizes the double play from lendee. Thankfully limited dialogues have resulted in good lip sinks, but on few instances they failed to make an impact.Brahmaji as a comedy cop is decent and he finds a decent role after KVPG, to generate fine humor in this dark thriller. Praveen, Madhu and Posani were fine in their supporting characters. Mahat is alright as a careless guy.
Run - Technical Team

In general remakes come in two different film flavors, bloated and over inflated, or fast, sterile and cheap. Yes, there are rare occasions when the talent behid the scenes gets the balance right reinventing the material while making the sure, they don't forget the soul, but that's not at all constant. Instead, a most redoxes resemble the new “Run", the wholly unnecessary return to the mainstream dark thriller from 2013. Back then Alphonse and Rajesh Murugesan delivered a solid experience filled with humor and chases. Three years later, all we are left with are the premise and some barely passable sequences.For his comeback film, Ani Kanneganti has chosen the remake of the Tamil hit flick “Neram" directed by Alphonse Putharen, which is inspired from the German classic “Run Lola Run" by Tom Tykwer. The director sticks to its original in the course of events and script writer Alphonse has wisely placed the events in the background of Hyderabad, though the dialogue written are no way exceptional. But whats missing from the original is the mood and treatment of the thriller and pace at which it unfolds. As Bobby Simha starts chasing the lendee's and try to black mail them, the execution of events, are nowhere close and believable as with the original.

In an age where other language films are easily available online, will anyone try to watch the Telugu dubbed version of Run? When we have same style of shots, sequences, dialogues, situations – merely translated into Telugu in one case with the same actor. Don't get me wrong. As a standalone film Run is a not a bad film, but under cooked one.It's a film made by people who have no clue about the various elements they're working with: time; love; responsibilities; and perhaps, most importantly, narrative structure. The movie, like the popular book by Gayle Forman, uses a near-death main character to tell us about his life previous and his choices now. Director Ani drops that plot twist 15 minutes in, meaning we know almost everything that's going to happen next.Once again, the director seems to be the culprit, who couldn't bring any thrilling-funny aspects or technical wizardry including good cinematography or editing patterns. May be a case of failed mise en scène, the movie also doesn't feature any intended gags in its screen time of 110 minutes.'Run' has been shot quite properly and Rajasekhar B's frames add a rich appeal to the film. The songs by Sai Karthik do not match up to the Original film and even editing fails to meet the standards. In the entire film Rajesh Murugesan's original BGM has been recreated. Production values of A K Entertainments are moderate.

Run - Analysis

Sandeep Kishan “Run" has tried to recreate frame to frame remake of the original “Neram", which doesn't really bring anything new or worthwhile to the table to justify its existence, director Ani Kanneganti should have improvised on the script a bit to suit the audience sensibilities. Overall, Run is a snail paced thriller that failed to capture the soul of the original.


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