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Review : Beeruva (Beruva) Movie

క్లిక్ చేయండి చదవండి: తెలుగు లో రివ్యూ : బీరువా

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Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Surabhi, Naresh...
Directed by: Kanmani
Produced by: Ramoji Rao
Music by: Thaman S
Releasing on:
January 23rd - 2015

Bottom Line : Sorry I am Exhausted!!!!!... Dare to watch...

What is good
What is bad
  • Producer Money
  • Beeruva (Not The Movie)
  • Own Thaman Tunes (Genuine - Not Copied)
  • Cinematography
  • Beeruva Movie
  • Story
  • Direction
  • Sandeep Kishan
  • Editing
Beeruva - Story

Sundeep Kishan (Sanju) is a lucky guy, son of Industrialist Suriya Narayana (Naresh) falls in love in the first instance (as usual) with Surabhi (Swathi).

In a short span time, they start liking each other. They are waiting for a perfect opportunity to run away. Suriya Narayana faces the loss of everything he loves, due to sudden issue in company.

He meets up with Aadhi Kesav Rao (Mukesh Rushi) to get over the business issues. But later Suriya Narayana knows Aadhi Kesav Rao wants to kill his son. At the same time aspiring politician Ajay (Ajay) starts searching for Sanju.

What are his issues with Ajay? Why was Aadhi Kesav Rao trying to kill Sanju? How did Sanju end up in a Deepu's (Anisha Singh) Beeruva? How Sanju fights for his love forms the rest of the storyline.

Beeruva - Star Performance

There is No need to Write Anything about Performance for this flick.... But Still....

Sundeep Kishan -As Usual, There isn't anything special about his performance, but there isn't anything bad either. Usually he's a scene stealer, but this time neither his character nor his performance is appealing.

Surabhi - Is Just OK....

Anisha Singh - Nothing to Write, her character was weak and at times Most of the places irritated watching her.

Mukesh Rushi is odd.

Sr. Naresh - Gave his Best As a actor. The rest of the characters Ajay, Anita Choudary, Chalapathi Rao are fine in their very limited roles.

Beeruva - Technical Team

There is nothing much they can do about this film as a team, because of the Story...

The Whole Story doesn't make Any sense... It's just Some Director and Actor Tried to Aim the Audience with some Cheap entertainers. Not going to Work...

Seriously it's pathetic that Tollywood actually has a genre where the audience is expected to leave their brains at home.

One of Baaruva's major flaws is that there are just too many genres going on at once.

Instead the film starts to drag on and on and you wonder why you waste your money to watch it.

It's unrealistic how characters suddenly realize their faults and change. Actually its just stupid. Don't get me wrong though, the film does make you laugh here and there but most of the jokes are overdone until the point where it just gets drilling. One of the good things about this film is Thaman SS music and the picturization of the songs.

Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is fabulous. He literally pulled few scenes with his effects and shots.

Gautham Raju Editing - Worst iwork till Date.

The 135 minutes look like a lifetime for the audience (Never Ending Story) in the theatres.

Beeruva Review - Analysis

So after all that hype and anticipation, Beeruva turns out to be a Tollywood Biggest disaster of the Decade. The movie Cinematography is good. There are some well executed scenes, but end up disappointing the All Kinds of Audience.

Overall, Beeruva is one film you'd be better off not seeing in the theatres. You'll be better if you miss this one!

చదవండి: తెలుగు లో రివ్యూ : బీరువా

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