You are at Upendra 'Brahmana' Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Upendra 'Brahmana' Telugu Movie Review(2.5/5.0)

Cast: Upendra, Saloni
Directed by: Srinivas Raju
Produced by: M Vijay and Gurram Mahesh Chowdary
Music by: Mani Sharma
Release Date: 08-07-2016
Upendra 'Brahmana' - Story

Basavanna(Upendra) is a Brahmin boy who does not believe in the basic formalities of daily life. He hails from a family of priests who are the ancestral care takers of a prestigious temple. What ever important task the temple has to undergo, some one from Basavanna's family fulfils it.Twist in the tale arises when Basavanna's dad dies and he is forced to take the duty of the priest in the temple. Right when Bavsanna takes things in his hand, a meticulous murder attack is planned on him which he survives cleverly.Why is Basavanna being targeted ? What is the back story behind this animosity ? and how does he deal with all this chaos forms the rest of the story.

Upendra 'Brahmana' - Star Performance
Upendra single handedly carries the movie. He emotes flawless and the first half of the movie deals with emotional values. Upendra faces all family troubles and they were showcased so well. The transformation scenes are also effing perfect. His dialogue delivery is at his best and his witty sense of humour carries the movie forward. Ragini Dwivedi is just used for skin show. Rest of the characters are just fillers and they never contribute much to the movie. The supporting cast are filled with newbies and they are annoying for most part.
Upendra 'Brahmana' - Technical Team
The screenplay was good in first half. But the movie changes its track in second half. The second half deals with mafia, terrorism, CBI department and so on. It completely moves to another zone. Also the second half has unnecessary fight scenes. Ravi Shankar's antagonist role is also wavery. A disappointing performance from such an actor. The Telugu dubbing and non lip-sync portions are pushing the movie to rock bottom. Mani Sharma who scored music has proved he is a failure ! He has just used his old tunes for this movie. Editing is non linear and too patchy. Director Srinivasa Raju has tried a new attempt and has failed miserably. There is zero clarity till the end.
Upendra 'Brahmana' - Analysis
The movie has an interesting plot, but it was let down by a poor narration. The second half also goes in another lane and the side tracks are disturbing even more. Music, Editing and Cinematography are just a let down yet again. Upendra has definitely let down a good movie by a weak second half. He should have focused a little more.
Upendra 'Brahmana' - Trailer

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