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Review : Lovers Telugu Movie Rating 2.75/5


Star Cast :   Sumanth Ashwin, Nandita, Tejaswi, Saptagiri, Sai, Ahuti Prasad, MS.Narayana, Madhu, Naveen, Ravi and others

Producer :  Suryadevara Naga Vamsi

Director :   Harinath

Music : JB

Released on:15-08-2014

Story :

The story encircles around two, three characters only. It’s a love story about two contrasting characters. Spectated, coquet boy Siddhu (Sumanth Ashwin) gets rejected by his teenage lovers Geeta (Tejaswi) and Soumya (Shamili) due to Chitra Balasubramanyam’s Sigmund Freud theory. By the time he reaches his engineering days, he is smitten by Chitra (Nanditha). He feels that he is an odd man out and not perfectly suitable for Chitra’s character. In the meantime, Suresh (Sai) falls in love with Chitra’s friend Soumya (Chandini). 

Now, their paths cross again, as Siddhu is trying to make things work between Suresh & Soumya. Fate again brings him into the same situation with the woman he hated the most. How Siddhu saves Soumya from breaking away from her true love and will he take revenge on Chitra for the wrong she has done forms the rest of the storyline.

Performances :

Sumanth Ashwin continued from where he left in Antaku Mundu AA Tarvata. He improved on his expressions. He entertained all as a lover boy who desperately tries to win the heart of the girl he loves dearly. Nandita looked beautiful and complimented Sumanth with her expressions. Both competed with each other to give excellent performance. 
Tejaswi Madivada sizzled as Nandita's friend.Sai as Sumanth's friend, Saptagiri as a patient provided immense entertainment with their comedy track. 
Others like Shamili, MS.Narayana, Ahuti Prasad, Madhu, Naveen, Ravi and others played according to the story. 


JB's music is good and appeals to youth. Songs are well shot and tunes are melodious. His background score is good. Uddhav's editing is quite good. He should have paid some attention in the second half. Cinematography of Malhar Bhatt Joshi is beautiful. 
Maruthi's storyline, dialogues attract youth. Director Harinath emerged successful in entertaining movie lovers. 

Plus Points :

Performances of Sumanth Ashwin, Nandita
Comedy of Sai,Saptagiri

Minus Points :

Dragged second half

No twists and turns

Known story

Analysis :

Souless NarrationDirector Harinath selected a youthful romantic entertainer to attract genex movie lovers. Though he came with a plot which was seen in many earlier films, he treated it in a different manner on silver screen. Director included hilarious scenes and the maintained good pace which made viewers get interested. 

Maruti's brand of comedy and story is visible in each and every frame. First half goes with hero heroine rivalry due to their set perceptions and later hero trying to win the heart of heroine who hates love. Entire second half goes on how successful hero will be in his attempts. 

First half goes at healthy pace and good humour. Second half climax was dragged and though one felt that sudden comedy scenes lightened the hearts of all.

Bottom Line :

Lovers gives lovely treat to one and all... Rating 2.75/5

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