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Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

Cast: Nani, Mehrene Kaur Peerzada
Directed by: Hanu Raghavapudi
Produced by: Ram Achanta,Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara
Music by: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Release Date: 12th February 2016
Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha-Story
Krishna(Nani) is a carefree youth in the faction rich area of Rayalaseema. He is in love with his childhood sweetheart Mahalaxmi(Mehreen) but is scared to death to reveal it to her family. One fine day, Krishna lands at Mahalaxmi's house to confront her brother. This is also the time when Mahalaxmi's family is attacked by their opposition gang in the village. To his shock, Krishna finds out that Mahalaxmi is not available at the house but her entire family is destroyed except for Mahalaxmi's three little nephews. Left with no choice, Krishna runs away with the kids to save them. Rest of the story is as to how Krishna manages to save these kids and ends up winning his love amidst a huge chaos which also involves a dread mafia don.
Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha-Star Performance
The performance and body language of Nani in the movie is appreciable. He balanced well both in emotional and romantic scenes. His performance as Krishna in the movie is outstanding and we can say that it is one of the best performances of Nani in his career. He has proved that he has ability to carry the responsibility of the movie on his shoulder. Nani's comic timing and his natural performance are mind-blowing. Actress Mehreen has done justification with her role and she is looking very pretty in her role. Her performance he proved that she has good career in Telugu film industry. Comedian Prudhvi in the role of inspector Jamadagni performed well and became successful to give much laugh to the audiences. The comic scenes between Prudhvi and Murali Sharma are hilarious. Brahmaji and Sampath also performed well and have done justification with their character.
Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha-Technical Team
Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha starts off pretty well, but as the drama unfolds the grip starts loosening up. Movie a sort of inspired from various Telugu commercial hits relies too heavily on an age old theme. Though the basic idea is interesting, the execution lacks the grip to keep you enthralled. The fault lies in the way the writer and director presented the story.

From the script point of view, the story ends soon after the interval,when Nani meets Mahalakshmi at a marriage event. Thereafter the drama is stretched without any valid reason, making it a tedious exercise.The director has relied too heavily on clinched points to move the story forward. Predictability is what bogs the film down to a major extent. However, the saving grace is the timely punchlines and comedy by Rajesh, Brahmaji, Prudhvi and Prabhas Seenu, which keeps the viewers entertained. The writer-director even left the major points aside, as no one cares about Mehreen post the attack on Ramaraju's home. Even when Nani says Mahalakshmi is kidnapped, ACP Srikanth neverreally worries about her. Even Mehreen never worries about the reasonwhy the kids are with Nani or worries when someone tries to kidnapthem. The script in the second half is below average. Barring the climax, which is deftly executed.

Director Hanu Raghavapudi done a decent job in the first half, but fails to maintain the tempo in the second. Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar is alright, although the impact is diluted thanks to many songs in the second half. “Nuvvante Naa Navvu" is the best among all the tracks be it situation wise or execution wise. Background score sharp enough to keep you interested. Cinematographer Yuvraj hasdone a decent job. Stunt master Vijay deserve a special mention.Dialogues are well penned at places. Editing of the film is passableand the second half needs some trimming. Production values of 14 Reels Entertainment are alright.
Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha-Analysis
Overall the movie is good and after delivering poetic love saga 'Andala Rakshasi', director Hanu Raghavapudi became successful to deliver beautiful romantic movie. It is an interesting love story which has thrilling elements. The natural performance of Nani and first half of the movie with twist are the major assets. The twists and chases scenes in the second half of the movie are appreciable. The climax of the movie is much entertaining and the movie will add one more feather in the cap of Nani.
Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha-Trailer

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