You are at Rashmi 'Antham' Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Rashmi 'Antham' Telugu Movie Review(2.0/5.0)

Cast: Rashmi Gautham, Charandeep Surneni, Vasudev and Sudarshan
Directed by: GSSP Kalyan
Produced by: GSSP Kalyan
Music by: Karthik Rodrigz
Release Date: 07-07-2016
Rashmi Antham - Story

Kalyan (Charan) and Vanitha (Rashmi Gautham) are a working couple who live a happy life in Hyderabad. One fine day, Kalyan goes to Vijayawada for work, leaving his wife in Hyderabad. During his return journey, an unknown person (Vasudev) calls Kalyan and threatens to kidnap Vanitha if Kalyan does not oblige his demands.With no choice left and worried about the safety of his wife, Kalyan agrees to follow the instructions given by this unknown person. Who is this unknown person? How is he related to Kalyan and Vanitha? What does Kalyan have to do to save his wife? These questions form the crux of the story.

Rashmi Antham - Star Performance
Coming to performances, Rashmi Gautam has excelled as Vanitha. Apart from glamour and sexy acts, she has also emoted flawlessly. Charan is kinda okay as Kalyan. He doesn't fit the bill as hero. Vasudev is too much of noise and he looks like Protagonist. Recent YouTube sensation Sudarshan has been desperate to evoke laughter and he has failed big time. Rest of the characters are new faces and they are worse than school drama kids. We are literally clueless what they are trying to do or convey on screen. Rashmi is the only saving grace in this pathetic script.
Rashmi Antham - Technical Team
The story might be interesting, but the execution is pathetic. Director has confused himself whether to take a soft porn movie or a thriller or some B-grade stuff. The story might be common in most of the English movies. Dialogues should have been the backbone. But they are just rehash of olden Telugu movies. Even some famous dialogues were reused. Screenplay moves at snail pace and lots of scenes are non-linear.
Karthik Rodriguez has done a decent job in Background music. But he failed miserably with songs. Cinematography and Editing are also below par. No different lightings or angles. Editing is the worst thing ever. Producers also never bothered to spend much in this secondary grade movie. The production values are also low.
Rashmi Antham - Analysis
If you just expect skin show of Reshmi Gautam, watch out 'Ee Velalo Song' on YouTube and skip the movie. The movie is too bad, as if we can't find anything positive. The movie has no elements to attract audience. The big question is, how come Reshmi accept such a movie. Money has to be the main reason. Sudarshan is wasted. Rashmi is wasted. In fact everything is wasted. The movie doesn't even have a single positive factor.
Rashmi Antham - Trailer

Watch: Antham Movie Theatrical Trailer

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