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Yamaleela 2 (1.5/ 5.0) Movie Review, Rating And Live Updates

తెలుగు లో యమలీల-2 రివ్యూ

Review :  Yamaleela 2 Movie Review (1.5 / 5.0)

Cast: Dr. K.V.Satish,Diah Nicholas,Mohan Babu,Brahmanandam

Director & Misic By :  S. V. Krishna Reddy

Producer :   Dr. K.V.Satish, K Atchi Reddy

Bottom Line:  No Reason to Watch This outdated Sequel !

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Mohan babu,Brahmanandam combo scenes
Slow Narration 

Yamaleela 2 Movie Review - Story

Krish (K V Satish) a happy go lucky guy falls in love with Anandi (Diah Nicolas). Due to certain circumstances both start working on the cure of Leukemia. In this process, As Part of their Research, Krish leaves to Manasasarovaram to get few herbs. But things turn around when Chitragupta believes him and gives Bhavishyavani to rescue Yama from drowning. Krish finds the secret in the book and gets away from Manasasarovaram, starts working on the remedy. Brahma takes away the powers and Yama – Chitragupta starts searching for Krish. Will Krish find the cure? Why is he so curious to find the cure for Leukemia? Does Yama succeed in retrieving the book from a human? forms the rest of the storyline.

Yamaleela 2 Review - Star Performance

The two central performances are sincere enough, no doubt. Take away Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam would collapse like a pack of cards. Whatever works a bit in the film, thanks to them. Satish KV performance is pretty bad. The awkward histrionics, screen presence further worsens his debut performance. Debutant actress Diah Nicolas has nothing much to do except to burst out emotionally and of course smile sweetly at the main lead. Sadha is gorgeous in the “Hai Haigaa” song and another actress Nisha Kothari is allright in another track. The other actors like Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rao Ramesh and Ashish Vidyarthi fulfill the expectations of their roles. Comedians Thagubothu Ramesh, Gabbar Singh gang and Posani Krishna Murali don’t have much to do in this part. 

Yamaleela 2 Review - Techinical Team

After an interesting enough beginning, the film fails to draw you in and you are rather detached and uninvolved with the events unfolding on screen. The film comes to life but periodically and the narrative is paced rather lethargically which is surprising as a film like this should have been one hell of a roller coaster adventure. As it is, it is nowhere near so.

The problem with Yamaleela 2 is its slow paced narration; several cringe worthy moments and too many songs. Do we still need 6 or more songs in each film? What a waste of time and money. Visually film is very appealing with vibrant colours, cinematography is good. CG effects in the film are fine and the Art work must be appreciated. The editing was just as unclear and perhaps you can’t spill the blame on the editor as Krishna Reddy presents us one sloppy show that’s such a letdown. Fights in the film are very middling. Production values of Krishvi Films are solid.

Yamaleela 2 Review - Analysis

Any good? No. It’s rare to see such a large drop in content from film to film in a franchise. The acting is wooden, the story is weak, situation less songs and storyline is boring as all get out. There is no fun and there is no seen-it-coming-but-still-cool twist either. S V Krishna Reddy comes with a smug joke, one that is aiming to see just how much money it can steal from the moviegoers by showing them the same thing. All in all, for all the money, time and effort spent on it and all of it in plenty, Yamaleela 2 comes as a major disappointment. The film is tedious, fails to twinkle and ends up as a long and slow paced plot that fails to entertain.

Yamaleela 2 Movie Live Review | Yamaleela 2 Live Review 

11:45amClimax done. Keep watching for complete movie review.

11:40amClimax filled with full of comedy.. S V Krishna Reddy Show...

11:33am : Twist in the tale now... movie heads towards climax

11:28am : Yet another song shot in the beautiful locales of Switzerland is on now

11:22am : Once again comedy scenes between Brahmanandam and Mohan Babu are on now

11:15am : Posani entry as a police officer..

11:00amNisha Kothari makes an entry now and an item song is on now...Hot ....

10:50amSome comedy scenes featuring Gabber singh comedy team are on now...Funny..

10:46am: Post Interval Yama makes Krish return to his life and he makes Yama - Chitragupta stay at his place. For sometime...

10:43am : Interval now

10:38am : Twist in the tale movie heading towards interval

10:33am : Some comedy scenes between Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam are on now

10:28am : Movie heads to the himalayas now...Camerawork is good

10:25am : Chalapathi rao, Uttej make an entry now...

10:20am: Anand takes Sanjeevani seeds from Kerala for finding a cure to Leukaemia at his laboratory..

10:15am: Here comes Ganesh (Thagubothu Ramesh) a patient at homeo care, who suffers from nervous problem..

10:10am : Movie heads into an emotional zone...Sayaji Shinde, Asish Vidhyarthi and Rao Ramesh make an entry now...

10:00am: After a twist, another song "Krishnan Bhaje" to extend the feelings. The lead pair leaves to Kerala to find a treatment for Leukaemia...

09:55am: Clinical student Anand (Satish) likes Anandi (Diah) who plans to research on Leukaemia disease as their final product..

09:50am: Once again Chitragupta (Brahmanandam) misses much important Bhavishyavani...

09:48am : Hero Satish makes an entry now. Graphic work in the film have been designed well.

09:45am: Yama (Mohan Babu) goes to Manasa Sarovaram for relaxation. Time for a song "HaiGa" Sada looks good in track...

09:42am: Mohan Bbau and Brahmanandam make an entry in Yama Lokam.

9:40am: Show starts with SV Krishna Reddy's voice over narrating the reason behind the sequel of Yamaleela..

9:35am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Yamaleela 2 Movie... on

Yamaleela 2 Movie Review Live Updates

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