You are at Pelli Choopulu Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

Pelli Choopulu Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

Cast: Vijay Devarakonda, Ritu Varma
Directed by: Tarun Bhaskar
Produced by: Raj Kandukuri, Yash Rangineni
Music by: Vivek Sagar
Release date: July 29, 2016
Pelli Choopulu-Story

Prashanth(Vijay) is a happy go lucky youth who takes things very easy in life. He does not want to follow the herd mentality and aims of becoming a chef. Seeing his carefree attitude, his father decides to get him married and fixes his alliance with a career oriented girl called Chitra(Ritu Varma). To Prashanth's bad luck, Chitra reveals to him that she is not interested in getting married and wants to start a food truck business. A disappointed Prashanth, leaves the scenario and decides to move on in life and finds yet another girl in a well to do family. But there too, he gets disappointed as his would be father in law asks him to start up his own business first and then ask for his daughter's hand. Left with no choice, Prashanth seeks Chitra's help and starts a food truck business in partnership.

Pelli Choopulu-Star Performance

Vijay Devarakonda who impressed in Yevade Subramanyam came with powerful performance to capture the imagination of all. His expressed well and dialogue modulation is good and had good screen presence. He made good impact with his performance. Ritu Varma attracted with her looks and performance. Both of them are live wire in the film carrying the film on their shoulders. Others like Anish Kuruvilla, Gururaj Manepalli and Nandu played their roles perfectly.

Pelli Choopulu-Technical Team
Pelli Choopulu is one of the most well made film in the recent times. Be it the writing or the romantic episodes that Tharun narrates, this film looks urban but at the same time, the Telugu nativity and flavour has been kept intact. Tarun Bhaskar's effortless direction makes this film take another leap in terms of story telling in Tollywood. Camera work is top notch and so is the art direction. Production values are superb as the film looks quite rich. Background score by Vivek Sagar is exceptional but his music is just about ok. Screenplay is a huge asset as many scenes have been narrated in a taut manner.
Pelli Choopulu-Analysis
Director Tarun Bhaskar on debut came with a youthful entertainer and he cameout with flying colors with his screenplay and direction. The story is youthful and youngsters connect with the story as all those shown in the film happen in their lives. Director showed how parents try to achieve their dreams through their children and how children fail to live up to their expectations. The film's story looks predictable due to the generic plot selected by Tarun Bhaskar but he handled the screenplay and direction quite well. First half passes off neatly with good humour and interesting interval bang. Second half slows down drastically and comedy takes back seat with sentiment scenes coming with full force. Emotions are elevated in the climax and director handled the film neatly. He did commendable job as a debutante. He could have however added some interesting elements to reduce monotony.
Pelli Choopulu-Trailer

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