You are at Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review(2.75/5.0)

Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review(2.75/5.0)

Cast: Ram Charan, Rakul Preet Singh,Kriti Kharbanda
Directed by: Srinu Vaitla
Produced by: DVV Danayya
Music by: S. Thaman
Release date: October 16, 2015
Bruce Lee-Story

Karthi(Ram Charan) is a stunt man who loves his family immensely and is ready to do anything for them. He even sacrifices his studies for his sister(Kriti Karbanda) and does all the right things to aid her studies.Twist in the tale arises when his sister faces some undue problems from Jayraj(Sampath) and his son Deepak Raj (Arun Vijay). Rest of the story is as to how Karthi saves his sister from this mess and where does Riya(Rakul Preet) feature in all this set up.

Bruce Lee-Star Performance
Ram Charan has a particular style of performing, which he has sprang up over years. His fans are quite familiar with this and like it. However, that what makes this role one of the many, no different from his early roles. Director tried to make this character different, but that only works upto certain extent. Look out for a scene stealing cameo by Chiranjeevi (after a gap of more than 6 years) and his cameo leaves a large impact on fans. Rakul Preet Singh looks beautiful and she does a fine job. Rakul Preet will also earn brownie points for her graceful moves. Kriti Kharbanda has been perfectly cast. Arun Vijay impresses with his screen presence in the very few scenes that he gets. Rao Ramesh is fine in his limited role. The others in the cast are not too bad, though no body delivers a performance worth mentioning.
Bruce Lee-Technical Team

The story of Bruce Lee – The Fighter is very thin. You might say the film tells the story of a sister and a brother. But it does more than that. The film can infact be seen as two different movies all together. The first half of the film broods on sister-brother-father relationship. Post interval, it's the story of a supercop (undercover) verses baddies. The two halves, coming out as two different films, and you feel that something is terribly amiss.

Once the film's setting gets established, boredom starts creeping in early on. The narrative just gets stagnated preinterval as none of the two stories seem to move forward. But that was clearly ineludible since the director had selected a commercial theme which was all predictable from the very first scene and had nothing in store to surprise the audience. the second half does give you a Déjà vu kind of feeling, since you already know what's going to happen next and the jokes stop to be funny; the situations are extremely imaginative and spoofing is way off the mark. The climax too is a dud, but works a bit with fans thanks to Megastar Chiranjeevi's mega entry.

Other technical aspects are in sync with the mood and the tempo of the film. The background score by Thaman SS enhances the mood. The songs are major highlights of the film. Dialogues by Kona Vekat are quite ordinary. Cinematography by Manoj is one of the major assets of the film. A tighter editing could have perhaps saved some scenes which both the editor and director decided to pass. Choreography and Fights are all right. Production Values of DVV Entertainments are wonderful.

Bruce Lee-Analysis
Srinu Vaitla intention was to make a commercially viable family entertainer, but it has not worked out well. Bruce Lee just offers an otiose tour through streets that has been dipped in the mundane. Movie has reasonable entertainment value, good music, exciting introduction of Megastar Chiranjeevi and a decent start to make it a fine experience for all fans. In the nutshell, as a character remarks 'Yedhava content undadu kanni climax lo anni kavali'. “Bruce Lee" will appeal to the diehard mega fans, due to fanzy climax. The box office collection will be promising and all we can say is Megastar “Chiranjeevi" rocks with his screen presence.
Bruce Lee- Trailer

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