You are at Appudala Ippudila Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Appudala Ippudila Telugu Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Cast: Surya Teja, Harshika Punacha, Suman, Naresh, Sudha, Sangeetha, Josh Ravi, Siva Reddy, Prudhv
Directed by: K.R. Vishnu
Produced by: Pradeep Kumar Jampa
Music by: Sunil Kashyap
Release date: April 1st, 2016
Appudala Ippudila-Story

Appudala Ippudila is a rom-com and it delivers a message as a goody. Chaitanya (Surya Teja) is a happy-go-lucky son of Lakshmi Narayana (Suman) and Sudha. Lakshmi Narayana owns a sweet chain in the city, but since Chaitanya doesn't like to do his father's work, he slights it. In a funny turn of events, Chaitanya happens to unwittingly ask favour from a woman lawyer and thus falls in trouble. When the lawyer and the comedian SI (Prudhviraj) seek Rs. 1 lakh in bribe, Chaitanya pays it because Rs. 1 lakh gets transferred to his account from someone he doesn't know. In comes Harshaki Poonacha, who claims that the amount is hers.

In the process of reluctantly arranging the due money, the hero falls in love with the heroine. At this point, his father dies and in that emotional state of mind, Chaitanya becomes a responsible guy, intent on carrying forward the legacy of his father. His mother tells him that the father always wanted to fulfill his debt toward four people, the ones behind his progress. While the late father paid back three of them, he died without fulfilling the 'runam' to one of them. This one is Jagdish Chandra (Naresh), a millionaire. Now, what help does this millionaire seek from an ordinary businessman like Chaitanya? Who is Harshika and how are the three lives intertwined? That's the rest of the story.

Appudala Ippudila-Star Performance
There's nothing note-worthy performance in the film as none of the characters are evolved well to care for. Suman as a do-gooder appeals. Surya is good as lover boy and his first attempt in comedy is okay. However, he has to improve his dance moves if he's really serious about hero roles in future. Harshika Poonacha not a good finding from Kannada industry. She's not easy on eyes. Naresh, who usually comes up with neat performance, sticks to a limited role.
Appudala Ippudila-Technical Team

Coming to the technical departments, Appudala Ippudila has nothing special to offer. The cinematography manages to stand out, while songs by Sunil Kashyap are quite good. As already mentioned, production values are excellent while the screenplay and narration have faltered completely. Editing is jaded and not up to the mark. The director is to be blamed completely as he failed in entertaining the audience big time. Even though the theme was good, he failed to execute the story properly as the film ends up boring the audience.

Appudala Ippudila-Analysis
Even though good production values and a positive theme manage to give Appudala Ippudila a few brownie points, the direction and handling of the story manage to overshadow everything else. With a bunch of movies already releasing this weekend, we suggest you to put your money some place else.
Appudala Ippudila-Trailer:

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