You are at Review: 'Ok Bangaram' (3.0/5.0)

Review: 'Ok Bangaram' (3.0/5.0)

Review :Mani Ratnam 'Ok Bangaram' (3.0/5.0)

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menon
Directed by: Mani Ratnam
Produced by: Dil Raju
Music by: A R Rahman
Release Date: April 17 2015

Bottom Line: Love and Romance !!

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Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menon Story line
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A R Rahman Music
Mani Ratnam 'Ok Bangaram' - Story

Aadi(Dulquer Salmaan) and Tara(Nithya Menon) are two young corporate employees who live in Mumbai. They lead a posh life style and are not interested in the concept of marriage.One fine day, they cross paths and get going instantly. Very soon, their friendship turns into a live in relation and the couple spend some happy times together.Twist in the tale arises when the couple has to leave each other and go abroad for their future endeavors. What will they do now ? Will they end up sacrificing their careers ? Or will they go ahead with their broad minded thinking. That forms the rest of the story.

Mani Ratnam 'Ok Bangaram' -Star Performance
The biggest ace up the film maker's sleeve is the casting. Dulquer Salmaan son of Mammooty makes his debut in Tollywood with Ok Bangaram. Dulquer's trendy, unconventional look suits the character of Aadhi. Actor Nani's voice over to Aadhi's character has elevated his performance. Ok Bangaram is a good debut for the youngster in Telugu. His love interest Nithya Menen, looks chirpy and bubbly at best. It's Dulquer-Nithya's third movie after National Award winning Ustaad Hotel and recent 100 Days of Love. The duos make a sugary cute romantic pair onscreen. Prakash Raaj and Leela Samson did what was expected from them. Kanika cameo is fun. Rests of the characters have perfectly supported the lead cast very well.
Mani Ratnam 'Ok Bangaram' - Technical Team

A R Rahman's music score is brilliant and is the backbone of the film. As said earlier, it is his background score which lifts the film to another level. Credit also should go to Mani Ratnam for showcasing Rahman's songs such wonderfully. P C Sreeram's visuals are top notch and showcase the film in a romantic light. The way he has showcased Mumbai is so beautiful.Dialogues are simple and go with the mood of the film. Mani Ratnam is back in his elements with this film and nicely executes this love story. He deals with the current mindset of the youth and showcases their emotions well. The way he takes a simple story and sets it amidst the metropolitan city of Mumbai is wonderful. He cashes in on the chemistry of the lead pair and extracts a superb performance from them.

Mani Ratnam 'Ok Bangaram' - Analysis
Tollywood loves romance… and when it comes from the master maker Maniratnam, the expectations are bound to be sky high. Ok Bangaram is more like prequel to Sakhi (2000), which deals the journey till marriage. Like Maniratnam's previous two films movie doesn't deal with politics, religion and revenge. This film explores a Magical experience called love in present generation and makes audience learn about how important the word “bonding" is when it comes to marriage. The problem with Ok Bangaram is that it has a weak script though the basic storyline is typical one. The second half of the film is dragged and it makes viewers lose interest once in a while. The climax of the film is highly flimsy and would either make you blush or would make you laugh at clinched situation. If the director could have worked a bit more on the screenplay this film could have done wonders. Overall, Ok Bangaram is okay watch for people who are simply in love with love.

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