You are at Rajinikanth 'Kabali' Telugu Movie Review(2.25/5.0)

Rajinikanth 'Kabali' Telugu Movie Review(2.25/5.0)

Cast: Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte
Directed by: Pa Ranjith
Produced by: Kalaipuli S.Thanu
Music by: Santhosh Narayanan
Background Score: 22-07-2015
Kabali - Story
The most anticipated 'Kabali' has finally got released and the movie seems to be a mixture of 'Mass' and 'Class'. KABALI review is expected to be positive so that the makers can get back the returns. So the movie is all about Kabaleeshwaran who worked for betterment of working class Indians living in Malaysia. The movie opens at Malaysia and whole Government discuss about releasing Kabaleeshwaran or not. Finally he is released and immediately Kabali attacks drugs wing of Gang 43. Then the story moves between some gang wars and at one stage, the flashback episode was shown. Here they have clearly said how Kabali has grown from a worker to a 'Gang Leader'. The Interval block is the best thing in the first half. Super Star Rajini's KABALI review needs both the half's to be good in order to engage audience. The first half also comprises 2 fight sequences and both were top notch. And at one stage, Kabali learns that his wife is still alive and he flies back to India. He searches for his wife all over and finally he meets his wife. These emotional sequences play spoil sport in Kabali review. These sequences are crafted especially to woo ladies and family audience. Soon after 'Kabali' returning back to Malaysia, he finds that his whole empire is destroyed. Now without his team, how 'Kabali' takes on the might Gang forms the rest of the story.
Kabali - Star Performance
Superstar Rajinikanth is terrific as Kabaali. He pulled of his role with a lot of intensity and style. When he is doing a gangster based movie, one will definitely expect his mannerisms and style to be same as Baasha, but he surpassed this and made it a delight with his Kabaali swag. Radhika Apte is perfect for her role and complements Rajinikanth well in all the scenes. The Malaysian villain, Winston Chao is a great finding and stands up as a perfect villain against Rajinikanth. Tamil actor, Dinesh as Jeeva is good and performed well. Dhansika as sniper is well. Rithvika as Meena, a drug addict did well in her portions. Kalairasan is role. John Vijay is perfect. Nassar as Seetharamaraju is good. Other actors from Tamil industry performed well to the extent of their roles.
Kabali - Technical Team
Kabali was the third film for the director Pa. Ranjith, as he has earlier done only two films namely Attakathi and Madras and he is really lucky enough to get a chance to work with the superstar of Kollywood. He has worked more on the screenplay. But the problem is he was confused, whether to stuff commercial elements or reduce it. Most of the shooting was shot at Malaysia and credits goes to Cinematographer G.Murali. The angles were simple and neat. The artistic lightings have taken the movie to whole new level. Editing by KL Praveen is also slick. He has kept the running time within check. However few scenes where Rajini goes in search of his wife could have been chopped off. The movie was distributed by Gemini F1ilm Circuit and produced by V creations. Production values are too high.
Kabali - Analysis
Kabaali starts with the intro of gangsters and their own interests with a voice over. It then goes into jail where Kabaali is captivated in. Introduction of Rajinikanth is done so simple yet in pure Pa Ranjith's style with a book named “My father is Ballaiah". Director Pa Ranjith narrated the story with each and every detailing from the first frame itself. Generally audience expect a very racy movie from Rajinikanth, but, this movie is an exception to that which is purely made with the sensibilities of Pa Ranjith. Director Pa Ranjith sticked to his story and does not deviate even to show the heroism of Rajinikanth. It is more Pa Ranjith film than Superstar Rajinikanth's film. To sum up, Kabaali js a visual narrative of a gangster who has ideals for the people.
Kabali - Trailer

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