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Govindudu Andarivadele Movie Review - 3/5

Govindudu Andarivadele  Review/Rating -3/5

Star Cast : Ram Charan Teja,Srikanth,Kajal Agarwal,Kamalinee Mukherjee

Producer : Bandla Ganesh

Director : Krishna Vamsi

Music : Yuvan shankar raja

Release Date : 01-10-2014

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Ram Charan
Prakash Raj
Krishna Vamsi Direction
Kajal Glamour
Songs Picturization
Old Story
First half of the film is a bit slow
Love track between Srikanth and
Kamaleni Mukherjee

Bottom Line: It's Good Family Movie.

Govindudu Andarivadele is a romantic family entertainer movie in which, Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal are playing the main lead roles along with Srikanth and Kamalinee Mukherjee in supporting roles.

“Govindudu Andarivadele” is the much awaited sensational movie for this Dussehra festive season from the Mega family. It stars Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles. With a lot of expectations, the film is scheduled for a worldwide release on October 1, 2014 in theaters. There is an interesting aspect in selecting October 1 as the release date for the film. There is a long holiday of 6 days from October 1, 2014. Here, October 1 is a restricted holiday, the next day is Gandhi Jayanti, the third day is Dussehra, next two days are Saturday and Sunday i.e. weekends and Monday is Bakr’Eid. Wow ! This is really amazing ………! A Great Approach.


Abhiram(Ram Charan) is a handsome looking NRI, who is born and brought up in London. Even though he lives abroad, Abhiram loves Indian culture and family values. One fine day, he comes to know about his dad’s past which is related back to a huge family based in India.

In order to fulfill his dad’s dream, Abhiram lands in India. There he finds out that his roots are based in the joint family of Balaraju(Prakash Raju). Rest of the story is as to how Abhiram manages to successfully enter the family, and wins the love of everyone.

Govindudu Andarivadele  Review - Star Performance

Krishna Vamsi, Ram Charan and Bandla Ganesh for bringing us this memorable family entertainer. One needs to salute their conviction, that even in the days of formulaic commercial cinema, they have gone ahead and dared to make a heart touching family entertainer.

All those who had doubts about how Ram Charan will do an out and out family film, need to watch this film to clear their doubts. Charan is just outstanding in the film. Right from his look to his performance, he has owned this film and has given his career best performance. He surprises you with his emotional acting capabilities, and is mind blowing during the last half an hour.

Yet another major highlight of the film is Kajal Agarwal. She looks ultra glamours, and shares a sizzling chemistry with Charan. Needless to say you can just be in awe of her timeless beauty, and the way she has performed. Credit should also go to Krishna Vamsi for showing her like never before. Prakash Raj’s inclusion in the last minute is bang on. The makers should be credited for selecting him, as he brings in a lot of depth to this film. As always, Jayasudha gives a commendable performance and nicely supports Prakash Raj.

Once again, Srikanth proves what a talented actor he is. He suits his role perfectly, and delivers a superb supporting role. Kamalinee Mukherjee looks beautiful in Indian attire, and nicely compliments Srikanth. Young actor Adarsh is superb in his negative role, and gives Charan tough fight. Second half of the film has the necessary family emotions, and especially the last half an hour is heart touching. The way Krishna Vamsi has showcased family emotions and human values is simply superb.

Govindudu Andarivadele  Review - Techinical Team

Like in any Krishna Vamsi film, even GAV is full of life. Credit should go to him for bringing back the missing family values and human emotions on screen. The way he extracts performances from all his artists, is just outstanding. Camerawork by Sameer Reddy is stunning, and presents the village atmosphere in a stunning light. The way the sets, costumes and other properties have been used brings a lot of life to the film.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is decent, and goes with the flow of the film. Fights composed by Peter Heins are entertaining. Dialogues are written with lot of human values, and bring in a lot of depth to the film. Production values are top notch, and Bandla Ganesh should be credit for the uncompromising visuals. Screenplay of the film is quite good, and just holds you on to the screen.

Govindudu Andarivadele  Review - Analysis

With Govindudu Andarivadele, it is once again proved that Krishna Vamsi is a master at making family entertainers. He brings out stunning human relationships, and sketches an entertaining family drama. Charan’s career best performance, Kajal’s glamour and superb performances from the supporting cast, make this film a must watch for the entire family.

Govindudu Andarivadele Live Updates Follows...

7:52 A.M : Here ends the movie with a Happy ending of Charan's marriage

7:50 A.M : Climax scene going on

7:45 A.M : Villain shots Charan with a Gun and Raghu saves him in his hospital

7: 40 A.M: Raghu also arrives in India....Fight with Villain

7:35 A.M : Charan leaves house...Prakash Raj gets upset with fact about Charan

7:33 A.M : All family members knows who Charan is....

7:31 A.M : Charan says "Devuda" like Bunny in Racegurram

7: 29 A.M : Kajal Pelli Choopulu scene with some senti scenes

7:27 A.M : Hospital Re-open scene going on 

7: 22 A.M : Here comes another song.....

7: 18 A.M : Charan's sister comes to village from London

7:15 A.M : "Nenu statement ivvanu...straight action" powerful dialogue from Charan

7:13 A.M : Both of them joins hands 

7:11 A.M : Charan and Srikanth fights....Charan reveals who he is !!!

7:06 A.M : Charan rides stylish bike

7:01 A.M : Srikanth joins hands with villains

7:00 A.M : Prakash Raj throws out Srikanth...It's a small flash back

6:58 A.M : Rape scene going on between Kamalini and Srikanth....

6: 55 A.M : Charan reopening Hospital which was built for Raghu long back 

6:50 A.M : Here Comes another song "Ra Ra Kumara" well shot by Krishna Vamsi 

6:45 A.M : Prakash Raj gets Heart Attack and admits in Hospital

6:43 A.M : Srikanth kidnaps Kamalini and hits Charan... Police arrested Srikanth 

6:40 A.M : Kamalini's father looking matches for her but Srikanth likes her 

6:36 A.M : Srikanth dances with Charan and song has been picturized very well

6:32 A.M : Here comes "Gulabi Kallu Rendu Mullu" song

6: 29 A.M : Srikanth comes with rowdies to hit Charan but real villains involve and rugby model fight started 

6:26 A.M : Attarintiki Dharedi hook scene is repeated here

6:22 A.M : Kota is Prakash Raj's brother and he comes to Prakash Raj's house with a proposal of building factories but Prakash Raj refuses it....Here comes karre saamu with Thatha a friendly fight

6:17 A.M : Krishna Vamsi showed beautiful chemistry between Jayasudha and Prakash Raj, Here comes "Neeli Rangu Needalona" song

6:15 A.M : Charan getting close with Kajal

6: 12 A.M : Ram Charan moves to Polam with Prakash Raj to learn agriculture, a new villain confronted Charan and here comes fight....

6:07 A.M : Kajal enters village and she is Prakash Raj's grand daughter

6:03 A.M : Prakash Raj teaches Karre Saamu to Charan, Good emotional scenes are going on

6:01 A.M : Kota, Posani and Rao Ramesh are villains

5:59 A.M : Kamalini Mukherjee's introduction going on with a Godavari accent reminds of Anjali in SVSC

5:58 A.M : Srikanth lives next to Prakash Ra's house and both have issues 

5:54 A.M : Charan saves a little girl from the family and gets close to them

5: 49 A.M : So far movie is going well and the family reunited story reminds similar to Attarintiki Dharedi 

5:47 A.M : Charan arrives in India, Srikanth and Ms Narayana introduction going on with a cock fight sequence...

5:45 A.M : Raghu feels sad for what he did to his dad and Charan who doesn't know about his Indian family till now will decide to go India

5:43 A.M : Father and son split, Raghu moves abroad...Flash Back Done !!!!

5:42 A.M : Raghu wants to go abroad and study but his father wants him to stay in India and serve the people

5:41 A.M : Prakash Raj's introduction done and he is raghu's father 

5:40 A.M : Raghu tells flash back to Charan (Abhi Ram), now movie moves from London to Village

5:30 A.M : Raghu and family lives in London, Charan playing rugby here comes first song of the movie 

5: 25 A.M : Movie started, with the introduction of Raghu (Father of Ram Charan)

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