You are at Review : Lingaa (2.0 / 5.0)

Review : Lingaa (2.0 / 5.0)

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తెలుగు లో లింగ : రివ్యూ

Review : Lingaa (2.0 /5.0)

Cast  : Rajani Kanth, Anushka Shetty,Sonakshi Sinha

Director: K. S. Ravikumar

Producer: Rockline Venkatesh

Production company: Rockline Productions

Music composed by: A. R. Rahman

Bottom Line: A Regular Film that has Super Star!

What is Good
What Is bad
AR Rahman BG Music
Routine Story
K.S Ravi kumar Direction
Slow Story Narration
Not Much  Entertainment

Lingaa Movie Review - Story 

Lingaa (Rajni) is a small time thief and earns a living, as much he hates his Grandfather for not giving any wealth. Cut to other side, Singanur village awaits for someone from Raja Lingeswar (Rajni) family to reopen a long closed temped in their village. TV anchor Lakshmi (Anushka) finally finds Lingaa and gets him to village on a deal of jewelry theft. At the same time Singanur MP (Jagapathi Babu) has other plans with the ‘dam’ in Singanur. After coming to village, Lingaa finds out the good deeds done by his grandfather in 1939 about building a dam, as village head (K Viswanath) explains him. And the movie is all about the obstacles involved in building dam with the then british villains and opening the temple against the will of present political villains. 

Lingaa Movie Review - Artistes Performance

Ageless Rajnikanth is still mesmerizing as he is years back. His trademark stylish moves, sharp looks, fast-paced dialogue delivery and gravity-defying stunts are top notch. It’s Rajni mania that takes all over.
Among the heroines, Anushka looks plump and unappealing. After watching her with her famous yoga-teacher figure, it’s tough to digest her looks. Otherwise, she has done her part well. But debutant Sonakshi Sinha is the show stealer with her innocent looks, flawless acting as a pre-independent era girl, and cute smile. Definitely she is here to stay. 
Jagapathi Babu has short role. Santhanam tries hard to bring laughs in the first hour, but he isn’t successful. Others did their regular acts

Lingaa Movie Review - Technical Team

Director KS Ravikumar has done a good job with the way he visualizes a story that requires detailing and attention. Though he faltered a bit with screenplay while dealing with the present-era story, the flashback episode dating back to 1939 is a real treat. But he should have focused more on the story as the film suddenly loses pace and becomes predictable. 

Cinematographer Ratnavelu did a spending job in showcasing the British time India with some awesome visuals.  

AR Rahman composed decent background score but his songs doesn’t enthrall as they did with Robo and Sivaji. Though they create interested while watching on screen, you can’t remember even one song while coming out of theatres. 

We have to talk about Visual Effects too. From creating huge construction-work scenes to building the dam to a huge dam with all gates flooded, computer graphics have played a key role. Never, these graphics looked clichéd as they are quite realistic.

Lingaa Movie Review - Analysis

‘Lingaa’ is a pure Rajnikanth film.Lingaa is a film that evokes mixed reactions. Fans may enjoy it for Rajnikanth’s mesmeric presence but regular movie lovers don’t get that kick. Also if you are expecting something huge and unexpected, then the film will not enthrall you. Go with least expectations and then you may enjoy for a while. Otherwise, you can enjoy it once for Rajnikanth. 

11:45 AM : Movie Completed. Keep watching for the complete movie review.

11:43 AM : Climax now....

11:40 AM : Jagapathi Babu shows his villainous heading towards the climax

11:32 AM : Camerawork in the film is pretty good..Production values are quite rich..

11:25 AM : Twist in the tale revealed now...

11:17 AM : Some emotional scenes are on now...Rajini looses all his power and money

11:10 AM : Some patriotic scenes between the British and Rajini are on now

11:03 AM : Some heavy duty dam construction scenes are on now...

10:55 AM : The fourth song between Rajini and Sonakshi is on now..Sonakshi looks beautiful in a traditional look

10:50 AM : Post interval the movie heads into a serious zone...Some scenes related to a dam construction are on now

10:31 AM : Simple twist in the tale. Interval now

10:26 AM : The movie heads to the British rule...Rajinikanth is one of the Kings of those times

10:16 AM : Sonakshi Sinha makes an entry as a village belle

10:12 AM : Enter the second Rajinikanth..A heavy fight scene is on now...

10:04 AM : A simple twist in the tale. Movie heads into a flash back mode now....

09:55 AM : Some comedy scenes between Anushka and Rajini are on has shifted to a village now

09:40 AM : The super hit song Mona Mona is on now. Art work is pretty good in the song...

09:32 AM : Famous comedian Santanam makes an entry...Some scenes related to a jewellery robbery are being showcased now..

09:25 AM : Rajini is Lingaa a small time theif.

09:22 AM : Anushka makes an simple entry as Lakshmi...

09:20 AM: Brahmanandam makes an entry as a police officer

09:17 AM : Here comes the one and only Thalaiva Rajnikanth who makes a stunning entry. .A stylish song is on now...Rajini is showing his dance moves.

09:10 AM : Jagapathi Babu makes an entry....Some scenes related to a dam are being showcased now...

09:05 AM : Huge roar as Rajini's name appears on screen

9:00 AM : Show starts finally.. *whistles* Censor Certificate : U Runtime : 174 Minutes.... 

9:00 AM: Movie is getting delayed due to unknown reasons. Audience just started shouting at the projecting room.... 

8:55 AM: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning Welcome to the Tweets Live updates of Lingaa Movie... 

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Superstar Rajinikanth’s most awaited Lingaa movie is gearing up for a release this December 12 on the eve of the Superstar’s birthday.

This film shall have all the essential ingredients an average Superstar fan would expect! Besides being a commercial entertainer, this film is going to carry a serious and intense storyline! However, a photograph going viral in social media tells us that the story revolves around an 80yr old dam built by Raja Lingeswaran in Kodaiyur (Tamil Nadu) that was inaugurated in the year 1944.

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