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Review: Surya Sikandar Telugu Movie Rating 2.25/5

Title : REVIEW :  Sikandar 

Star Cast :   Surya,Samantha

Producer :  Siddharth Roy Kapur, N. Subash Chandrabose

Director :   Lingu Swami

Music : Yuvan Shankar

Released on: August 15th, 2014

Story :

Surya’s Anjaan, is the biggest South-indian release. In telugu Anjaan was titled as “Sikandar”. Makers are releasing both Anjaan & Sikandar on the same day. In both tollywood and kollywood, it was the biggest release in this weekend. It is opening in record number of screens in Tamil Nadu and others parts of South India like Chennai, Madhurai, Hyderabad...

It's The story of Don. who is rulling the city with the help of his friend. Plot will take twist when movie goes on. He lost his Friend. How our Raju bhai takes the revenge is the rest of the story

Performances :

Surya unleashes the best in both the avatars as Raju Bhai and Krishna. He becomes the absolute showstopper and keeps stealing your attention in every frame. Be his most vivacious cuteness as a lover boy, his cool mannerisms, chemistry with Samantha or the mind-boggling aggressions on his loss, he strikes with a spectacular show. There is one scene where he will outburst for his friend it is very hot touching.

Samantha woos you down with her ultra-glam looks and scorches the screens indeed, especially in the song ‘Ek Do Teen’. Her cute gestures and bubbly nature lets every guy fall in love with her. There is some scenes between between Samantha and surya,which will bring laugh. eg: The kidnap scene.

Vidyut Jamwal gets a changeover in his role compared to his previous films. His characterisation establishes the essence of pure friendship and some of his dialogues are delivered with emotional punch.

Manoj Bajpai as Imran Bhai deserves special appreciations and his great plan of Holographic 3D is a brilliant surprise.


Lingusamy’s paperwork is decent. It is the execution which ticks off the fun. Well written scenes clubbed with interesting twists could have rocketed Anjaan to another level. Unfortunately, his packaging which sticks to the age old formula of fights, songs and punch lines is a bummer. Captivating tidbits like the coin spin and a transformation do not rise up to what it has to be. In the second half, there is a fight every ten minutes, each time with a different character. Good dialogues are used time and again, taking away the impact.

Santosh Sivan’s cinematography cuts through the locales of Mumbai with a bang, as his camera does the talking in the stunt sequences.

Background given by Yuvan is one of the main asset of the movie.

Plus Points :

Interval Bang
Yuvan Shankar Raja

Minus Points :

Routine Story


Lengthy Run time

Drags in 2nd Half

Analysis :

The first half runs away with an interesting intro, the supercute Samantha and some neatly made action sequences. Lingusamy’s trump card is played at the interval scene, which brings out what he is truly capable of. The stage is set for a fast and furious second half. Intervel scene is definetely the best.

Second disspoints you . there is drag. Climax is big let down.

Bottom Line :

This type of stories we have seen many in telugu like Mass . we can watch the movie. in other words,if you expect more you get less..If you expect less you get satisfied Rating 2.25/5

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