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Live Review: Exclusive live updates from 'Power' Telugu Movie

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Power Movie Tweets Review:

CineGalaxy tweeted, "#Power overseas talk....1st half entertainer & 2nd half powerful with good storyline & powerful action. Will work big for sure."

Kartik tweeted, "#power is boring even in 2nd half. Ravi teja ki inko flop/avg movie. So far rabhasa ki equal ga vundi."

Simply Suki tweeted, "Encounter Shankar vadthey etavthadhi raghava...self encounter chesukuntaadu..anthe. Powerful chase tho start ayyindhi #power .thaman BGM rocks. "Mass ante buss pass kaadu..evadu badithe aadu vaadesukuneki..." punch pelindhi gaa.. As power powerstar pawan kalyan dhi..hansika."

Mega Vinod tweeted, "First lo chase scene baney thisadu #Power. Geddam Raviteja enterance. First song Andhi ra ela undii worst song. #sapthagiri is on fire. 2nd song Thaman gadu dappulu chavadhobuthunadu. Brammi ni escape chesey scene bagundiii."

Yathi tweeted, "Good intro by Mass Maharaj #Power. Mass ante bus pass kaadhu be dialogue, as usual RT kummadu. Bramhi as Aanimuthyam. 1st song, Devuda...Devuda good on screen."

11:29am: Raviteja concludes things in a predictable note Happy Ending..

11:22 am :Movie is going towards a climax. Time for the comedy Brahmi dance, a parody on Lungi Dance

11:07 am : Movie has shifted back to present mode from flashback. Ravi Teja is planning to round up the villains with a clever sketch. Time for the Notanki song

10:52 am : Heavy fight sequence is going on now and Ravi Teja is killing off the bad guys in a very violent manner.

10:43am: Things are good at the Harbour Fight turning Baldev positive. Thaman at his best...

10:42 am: Flashback within flashback now and heavy sentiment scenes are on now. Mother sentiment scenes are dominating the proceedings

10:24 am : Regina comes in as Vaishnavi in the flashback. Ravi Teja is seen as a very corrupted cop. Time for the song 'Champesindhe'

10:13 am : Prakash Raj has come into the film in flashback mode along with Kota Sreenivas Rao

10:05 am: interval - Decent first half with an unexpected interval twist. Ravi Teja is good in the role of a police officer

09:57 am: Kissu Missu song is good. Totally massy. But choreography is not upto the mark...

9:51 amLot of fights and songs in the film. Ravi Teja is back in the role of Baldev again

9:50am: Taj Mahal Kattindi Shahjahan antaru kanni kuleelu annaru: Brahmanandam to Surekha Vani...

9:47am: The fight sequence at Old City is the best scene till now. The slow motion walk Mass tho Pettukunte track in the BGM is simply awesome... .

9:41am: In the meantime Animuthyam (Brahmi) goes to arrest feroz bhai but get captured by the goon. Time for Tirupati (Raviteja) showcase his Mass angle. .

09:40 am : Story has taken a serious turn now and Ravi Teja is doing a good job

09:26 am : Time for the song 'Badmaash Pilla'... Some light hearted comedy involving ravi Teja and sapthagiri is keeping things interesting

09:15 am : Hansika makes an entry as Nirupama ji, a lucky stones expert. Sapthagiri also comes in. Good comedy scenes

09:11 am : Second ravi Teja makes an entry as a mass guy. Brahmanandam comes in as Animuthyam, an inspector. Time for the first song 'Devuda Devuda'

9:05am : Edhigo brother nuvu Anna Mogadu Mannadu adhigo.. Here enters "Manikyam"... Natho pettukunte burial ground ye...

 08:59 am :Mukesh Rushi, Brahmaji, Pragathi etc have made an entry. Unexpected twist in tale puts an end to Baldev character

8:57am : Baldev turns out to be Home Minister B.K. Roy's brother. The title BGM is just simply superb..

8:51am : Movie starts at Kolkata high court where Ganguly Bhai (Sampath) plans to escape from the police Custody. But here enters ACP Baldev..... Ravi Teja makes am entry as a cop with a big chase..

8:47am : Power - a "A" certified 147 Minutes movie..

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