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Na Bangaru Talli Review - It's a National Award Winning Movie

Telugu Movie : Na Bangaru Talli Review

Cast : Siddique, Anjali Patil, Rathna Shekar Reddy

Release Date : November 21st

Music Sharreth

ProducerSunitha Krishnan

Director Rajesh Touchriver

Bottom Line : It's a National Award Winning Movie

What is GoodWhat Is bad
Anjali Patil Outstanding Performance
Siddique - Anjali’s Father
Second Half - Some Thrilling Moments
Bit Slow
First Half

 Na Bangaru Talli Review - Story

Story begins with introduction of Durga (Anjali Patil) facing horrible times brutally arrested in a brothel house. Into a minor flashback, Durga hailing from Amalapuram makes her family of humanitarian father Srinivasu (Siddique), mother proud by bagging a state rank and dreams of pursuing further studies in Hyderabad. In the process, Durga also falls in love with one of her classmate’s brother Vijay (Rathna Sekhar) and both the families get them happily engaged. 

Meanwhile, Srinivasu frequently travels Hyderabad on business purpose. To attend a college interview, Durga also lands in Hyderabad to meet her father. Here comes a shocking twist with Srinivasu’s real business revealed as a sex marketing agent who supplies girls to clients and is a big player in the market working as manager for a high profile racket. To make Srinivasu suffer, these sex racket people kidnap Durga and place her forcibly into prostitution. While Srinivasu is in search of his Bangaru Thalli, Durga is sent to attend a Middle East client in Palace resort from where she escapes with her would be Vijay. Finally, all of them gather in Amalapuram leading to a tragic climax.

Na Bangaru Talli Review Star Performance

Performance wise, Anjali Patil just lived in the character. She has a true mix of innocence and sensitive empathy to pull emotional chord with viewers. Her performance is only a proof of her much deserved National Award. She showcases superb emotions during her struggle in the brothel house. The way she has brought out the pain and agony in the film is outstanding.Siddique, who played the role of Anjali’s father has also performed to the best of his abilities. The small twist which comes during the interval point is also interesting. The way harsh realities of city life have been showcased are also good. Some thrilling moments during the second half have been designed well. Director has finally given a right ending to Srinivasu character. Among the rest Lakshmi Menon, Rathna Sekhar have put decent performances.

Na Bangaru Talli Review Techinical Team

Rajesh Touchriver, who handled the story, screenplay and direction has written a good script which is inspired from a real incident. He has completely succeeded in extracting superb performances from his cast especially Anjali Patil. Music of this film is decent and the background score only elevates the film to another level. The film’s run time could have been shortened by a few minutes to make it crisp. Production values of this film look good for the money spent.

Na Bangaru Talli Review  Analysis

Na Bangaru Talli is a movie straight from the guts. It opens your eyes and reveals the cruel realities of life fairly convincingly. Anjali Patil’s efficiency and a few thrilling moments stand out.On the whole, Na Bangaru Talli is a film straight from the heart.  Anjali Patil’s performance and some thrilling moments stand out. All those who want to see films with a message and sensibility need to definitely give this film a shot.The movie’s run time may have been shortened by a couple of minutes to make it crisp.

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