You are at Dohchey(Dochey) Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Dohchey(Dochey) Telugu Movie Review (2.75/5.0)

Review : Dochey Telugu Movie Review(2.75/5.0)

Cast: Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon
Directed by: Sudheer Varma
Produced by: B.V.S.N Prasad
Music by: Sunny M.R
Release Date: April 24th

Bottom Line: Stylish Crime But No Thrills !!

What is GoodWhat is Bad
2nd Half
Music No thrills
Flat Narration
1st Half
Naga Chaitanya 'Dochey' - Story

Chandu(Naga Chaitanya) is a small time crook who cheats everyone and earns money for his sister's education. One fine day he accidentally comes across a bag full of cash which belongs to a dreaded gangster Manikyam (Posani) with whom he also shares a personal vendetta.He steals the bag and uses the money for his personal problems. Twist in the tale arises when Manikyam kidnaps Chandu's dad and sister and demands him to return the money back. What will Chandu do now ? How will he lend back the huge amount to Manikyam ? and where does Kriti Sanon feature in all this set up ? That forms the rest of the story.

Naga Chaitanya 'Dochey' - Star Performance
Naga Chaitanya is a fine actor but he isn't investing his best shot in this film. He seemed a constrained, delivering dialogues without much piquancy in most part. Kriti Sanon looked exceptionally beautiful. The lead pair looked good on screen. Posani Krishna Murali delivers an earnest performance but can do little to make Dohchay entertaining. Ravibabu is an actor wasted in the film. While the potential of the actor comes across only in a scene or two in second half, for most part his nuanced acting is not appropriately used in the film. Brahmanandam, Viva Harsha, Sana and team did their part. Rao Ramesh is okay in his short role. Similarly, Pooja Ravichandran is adequate.
Naga Chaitanya 'Dochey' - Technical Team

Dohchay is along the lines of the 9211 (short film), Raja Natwarlal, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Love Actually, Run Raja Run where we see the slimly bad hero doing thing the way to set things right. Sudheer Varma, however doesn't manage to balance all the aspects of this conic film. Dohchay starts low on momentum and even hurried climax sequence can't scavenge everything. This doesn't cover all the important bases and even an promised sense of direction by Sudheer is not quite enough. Dohchay, therefore ends up being a much lesser film that it could have been. It could have been reveled a lot more; had the con been made more entertaining and loopholes been less in number.The script of Dohchay is chivvied with loony writing. Its an ordinary script that divulges almost nothing to the audiences. The big plan of bringing down a policeman and a gangster is something the film at no point lays out for its audience. Its done to easily, too handily sans any cheekiness. It offends viewers how lightly the story is taken. The is no thrill, no condemnation and no maven in the story which strives to attain even averageness. The romantic track works as a distraction more than a part of the story. It seems frequently that when the plotline begins to go awry, the writer fit in a song out of the blue or needless romantic moment.Other technical aspects of Dohchay are decent but they don't shine through. The editing is good, but the flow is missing. The cinematography by Richard Prasad is one of the major assets of the film. His framing actually elevates action scenes and songs. Music by Sunny MR is good. And the background score is engaging. The editor Karthika Srinivas could have moiled out a miracle with his editing, a factor that is responsible for the film hauling. Dialogues of the routine and the production values of SVCC are grand.

Naga Chaitanya 'Dochey' - Analysis
Dohchay has some very stylish action sequences. Interesting premise, well executed first half and a hilarious last half an hour are huge assets.A flimflam flick necessarily has to do a couple of things, it has to have some thrilling moments and it needs to be funny.

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